What makes $ILA “hidden gem” attractive to invest in?

What makes $ILA “hidden gem” attractive to invest in?

“ Hidden Gem” is used to describe newly launched crypto projects with huge growth potential. Why is $ILA a hidden gem worth investing? Let’s take a look at some core features of this project.

Selected potential IDO projects

The Wasted Lands is the first IDO project which has just successfully and stunningly been launched on $ILA this December with more than 9000 NFT packages sold out. The Wasted Land is a true Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game that focuses on balancing both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models to help players gain good profit in the long term as well as have fun while playing the game.

Bullieverse, Batte of Guardians, Arenum, Galaxy Blitz, Colizeum will be next candidates debuting on this LaunchPad in the first two weeks of New Year 2022, and promisingly attracts the mass of newbie investors.

Staking and Farming on $ILA

Currently, $ILA is possessing a 10 million dollar-Market Cap, only one-twentieth of other similar LaunchPads such as Seedify, Gamefi or Redkite. The interest rate for staking single $ILA ranks the highest among launchpads on the crypto market, fluctuating between 10% and 90% depending on each type of Pool and holders’ Tier. Besides, the fact that each Tier’s interest rate also varies significantly from 125% to 375% when staking is considered a competitive opponent to other Launchpads.

$ILA is a deflationary token that requires all buy transactions to bear 3% tax out of which 1% to be burnt and  2% to reward investors such as Staking Rewards and Creating Rewards for NFT holders. Thus, it can be said that the number of $ILA tokens is becoming desperately short.

Staking and Lock Tier on Infinite Launch are divided into two different parts in which Lock Tier targets IDOs holders while the other concentrates on long-term investors.

Diamond Hand Mechanism to protect new holders

To mitigate “Pump and Dump” schemes to some extent and safeguard IDO projects launched on its platform, $ILA has prominently proposed Diamond Hand ( a vesting and locking mechanism), under which holders will get guaranteed IDO allocations, and become genuine investors who have the chance to promptly participate in potential IDOs. Additionally, the longer they stay with the project and the more they concentrate on investment potential rather than swing trading, the greater profit they will earn in the future.

To sustain a project, Infinite Launch has speedily updated vesting schedule in order for holders to catch up with and hold a belief in multiple growth of their account committed in the long run.

·         Seed  Investors will have a period of 6-month cliff followed by 18 months of vesting.

·         Private Investors will have a period of 4-month cliff followed by 12 months of vesting.

·         Private Sale participants on Infinite Launch will be stick to unchanged test schedule with 10% on TGE and 4 months of vesting

·         $ILA tokens will expand vesting schedule from 6 months to 12 months.

·         Infinite Launch team believe that this new tokenomics will generate greatest profits to investors in order to assure sustainable value and growth in the upcoming years.

Associated with reputable backers

One of assessing the risk and protective factors that contribute to a prestigious LaunchPad is the appearance of noticeable bankers in order to assure a successful capital call for the project in next rounds. $ILA investors are immediately impressed and trusted at first sight by widely well-known backers named Basics Capital, Everse Capital, Maven Capital, Kangaroo Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors,...