AMA Recap: Backstage x Infinite Launch

AMA Recap: Backstage x Infinite Launch
We would like to express our gratitude towards those who joined the AMA on 12th Oct 2022 in the Infinite Launch Telegram group. We appreciate all your support. This is a recap of the entire session; in case you missed it!

Our AMA with Backstage comprises of 3 main sections:

1.       5 basic questions from the host to give a brief introduction about the project.

2.       5 questions from community members on Twitter.

3.       Live AMA: 5 random questions from our community.


Q1. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Hi everybody, my name is Alessio, Business Development Manager of Backstage.

I have been in the company since day one, before venturing with Backstage I was working as a Marketing Senior Manager in a big corporation. Crypto started to fascinate me in early 2019 when I became aware of the many benefits that crypto can offer to mainstream businesses.I started to spread that knowledge between a close group of mutual friends, finding a very high sinergy and commitment from their end.

I would say that the experience, knowledge, and creative minds mixed up together are the definition of our Core Team. I believe we can split the Team in two parts; one side are expertise in mainstream businesses specifically in the entertainment and hospitality field the other are brilliant minds that gathered together from the crypto end. Like in life the only way to success is rich balance, that’s what Backstage have achieved and this is represented by the huge traction we had so far.

You can check all our Team Member and Advisors on our White paper and on the official social media accounts:

Q2. Let’s give the audience a brief description of what Backstage is? How did you come up with the idea of Backstage ? Is it influenced by any special moment or story?

Backstage is “ The WEB 3 Tech provider for the entertainment and hospitality industry”; powered by the BKS token, Backstage is considered a vast ecosystem divided into features with a specific function to support the industry and all its players. Our Technology is divided in ramifications: The BKS Marketplace, Crypto PoS wallet, NFT Ticketing, BKS Launchpad and Metaverse integration. We create an innovative business model to increase not only revenue, but engagement with fans and customers of our partners, through enhancement of the fans experience via state of the art NFT blockchain, VR, AR and crypto technology. Most importantly an ecosystem and network built for the industry by the industry.

Backstage has spent the last year developing tech, workflows, manufacturing and onboarding processes along with adjusting the platform to successfully translate tech  terms and language to mainstream level of understanding. We have first developed the main products, requested by the industry, based on the pains we identified together with our partners and customers and then released it to the market.

We built this ecosystem because we saw a need for the industry to evolve if it wanted to survive. After the pandemic hit, we realized that what we love most, the entertainment industry, was in grave danger. That’s when Backstage was born! We decided to help and since we have a long history and experience in this field, it wasn’t that hard to spread our network and build connections worldwide. People who have faced any kind of problem in this business very quickly recognize Backstage and our technology as a game-changer.

Q3. Could you share with us the current development stage of Backstage?

To reach our milestones, the team has been working 24/7 to expand our mainstream network and guarantee a real and healthy supply and demand since day one. Thanks to that effort Backstage can count already with a huge network to provide millions of tickets and experience collections to our customers around the world. This is just the beginning! Our technology is fully developed and ready to deploy everywhere. Hacken just gave us a score of 9.6 out of 10 on the auditing of all our smart contracts, a record-breaking score. We are constantly working on front-end applications to ensure easy access and usability for all our users.

The release of the platform will be gradual and consistent, taking into consideration the magnitude of the Project. We have deployed our Marketplace in the middle of September (BETA version)  already full of content, collections and events. Sales started in Turkey, Spain, Italy and Mexico. A big percentage of the profit coming from those sales is gonna be placed in our wallet and used for buyback in the near future to ensure the health of the Project. We are confident that Backstage will be among the top projects this year due to real applications with mainstream businesses and our ecosystem’s powerful and scalable tech structure. Our goal is to keep growing the network and always meet the needs of the industry.

Q4. What are the competitive advantages of Backstage compared to its competitors? How do you plan to differentiate Backstage?

Meanwhile other companies focus their branding only on crypto end we have developed a huge traction on mainstream businesses. On top of that we didn’t focus only on one specific field but we created an ecosystem for the industry. Our  NFT ticketing system prevents fraud and the black market that is very present in the event industry ( 5 million fake tickets are sold every year ). Since NFTs are registered in the blockchain and every ticket can be tracked, buyers are safe and sellers increase their sales revenue taking out middleman and fees meanwhile Artists and Creators are gonna receive the fair value of their work and connect with a bigger Network through the Marketplace. This technology is gonna increase engagement between artists and fans or venues and their clients.

On the other side, customers are gonna feel closer to their favorite artist or players of the industry participating in crowdfunding of specific events, choosing with them tours schedule, new production and personalized experiences on location. Thanks to our POS wallet integration, all businesses are opening a new scalable solution for targeting the crypto community and increase their revenue bringing more awareness to mainstream mass adoption. Last but not least the Metaverse implementation is gonna offer a new kind of brand marketing with unique experience for the customers and all creators; this new tech is able to connect everyone around the world expanding the concept of immersive entertainment to a new level never seen before.

Q5. Please provide a detailed overview of your token, what are its use cases and tokenomics?

Our Tokenomics has been built by professional for cover the entire functionalities of the Project; we have a total of 1B Tokens and very long vesting conditions for team members to protect the community and the long-term vision that we have here at Backstage. I'm gonna leave here a graphic to make you understand the divisions better.

Regarding token utilities and functionalities, the list is very large so can be resumed a bit in those graphics.

BKS is built on Binance Smart Chain.
And we already start integration with other protocols like NEAR PROTOCOL and soon Ethereum and others.


Q1. Do you have plans to expand to other networks like BSC, solana, Polkadot, etc? The integration of a bridge in different chains is very useful for investors and their assets in terms of cost reduction in rate.

The BKS token has been developed  on BSC for scalability, security, higher volume of transactions and lower fees that we considered key features for our business. Backstage integrates already NEAR Protocol and is doing the same with other top blockchain such as Ethereum, Polygon and Solana accordingly with the market request to ensure healthy growth of the Project.

Q2. Tell us a little about the role of your tokens and project within the entire ecosystem. Will it act as a simple payment currency on all your products? Or will its holders have some sort of benefit or vote in the project decisions?

With BKS you have a large variation of usability. Users can purchase tickets, services and perks on the marketplace and receive discounts or special promotion by paying with BKS tokens. Furthermore, users can pay at festivals, bars and clubs around the world or simply just stay in a hotel. BKS token holders will have the possibility to stake coins and generate yield. Venues that accept BKS will generate an extra income thanks to the staking program that backstage created for businesses and token holders.

Some of those utilities are summarized in the graphic I previously shared.

Q3. Marketing is a central element for every successful project, what is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term? What is your most trusted feature? please tell me?

We believe that innovation comes with information and is done by steps! All our technology is user friendly. The 20 plus years of experience in the event industry brought us to develop easier interfaces for mass adoption of all features of the Backstage ecosystem and adapt them to every specific business and customer. For the last 18 months we have created a sustainable Network of mainstream clients and focused our efforts to bring in first all creators and hosts of the Entertainment industry to be able to kickstart the business even before going into the market. Those partners, not only invested in the project but they are actively bringing more business and generating new connections to expand our reach every single day.

Q4. Security is at the forefront of all old and new projects, attacks are frequent & even with the best known blockchains, how does your project prevent this from happening? Do you plan to expand your business in the region?

Security is paramount for Backstage as we are targeting global presence. Our smart contracts, ticketing platform, marketplace and back end are being audited by Hacken continuously and a significant portion of funds will be diverted in the cyber security department to ensure the safety of our products and platform.Our partner FRACTAL is taking care of all KYC & AML verification. Users can be assured that we consider safety as top priority. We are expanding every single day our border to all countries in the world. Currently we are already present in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Q5. Project Partners are very important for your  project especially in the long term. Can you please list some of the Partnerships of your project? Do you plan to be active in having more partners in the future?

Our major achievement comes in the form of contracts already signed by all our partners (crypto and mainstream) and the overwhelming pipeline; we go from Venues and Hotel chains to Theaters, Art and music Festivals, Dj’s, Famous Artist, Label companies,Ticketing companies, MMA Leagues, Sport Teams and Athletes, E- commerce, Venture Capitals, Blockchain developers, Influencers, Magazines, Cyber Security systems, Launchpads and much more. You can check all the lists on our social media and official website. Backstage is gonna continue with his mission and add new products and partners to his huge ecosystem every single month.


Q1. Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it only limited for professional users?

Our platform uses easy and simple interfaces to be able to connect with the largest number of mainstream users and coach them step by step to the world of Blockchain and the amazing benefit that brings with it.

For example when you buy a NFT ticket or experience you will immediately receive an email with a simple QR code and confirmation to show at the entrance of the event plus a link to download your wallet and claim your NFT MEMORABILIA.

Q2. What did you do to make adoption a reality, social and real use cases?

We signed hundreds of contracts to ensure a large pipe line even before the start of the project.

Q3. Truly, you've done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular?

We have a Marketing strategy in place using all our social media partners and Launchpad community members. Plus all popular channels for Crypto and mainstream adoption.

Q4. Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

You can check all our official social media channels and learn about Backstage features, benefits, partners and road map.

Backstage BKS | Linktree

Q5. Is your project a community only for English speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

At the moment we have English and Turkish languages plus we are going forward with Spanish and we are adding more in the next future. Backstage is born for all the world so we don't want to have a language barrier in our community!

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