AMA Recap: Infinite Launch roadmap updates

AMA Recap: Infinite Launch roadmap updates

We would like to express our gratitude towards those who joined the AMA on 1st Oct 2022 in the Infinite Launch Telegram group. We appreciate all your support. This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it!

Our AMA comprises 2 main sections:.

1.       5 questions from community members on Twitter.

2.       Live AMA: 5 random questions from our community.


Q1. 1.Which IDO trends Infinite Launch are focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake, Dapps, Yield Farming, NFTs, Gaming). And please tell us your strategy to acquire qualified IDOs on your platform?

Awesome, kicking off strong with a topic that everyone cares about.

Belows are the latest trends that we strongly focus on when it comes to picking IDO projects:

1/ Solid core team profiles, reputable backers, with sustainable tokenomics falling in the following categories:L NFT, Defi 2.0, Metaverse, Protocols, Marketplace & Wallet.

2/ Projects that are being favored by the market trends, which will attract big capital upon listing (such as Aptos, Sui)

3/ Besides, when our IDO DEX feature goes live by the 4th quarter, which is designed for community/fan tokens. By then, projects with strong communities will also be a good pick to attract new users for the platform.

In order to acquire qualified IDO to the platform, we are expanding our partnerships with other VCs & Launchpads to onboard better quality projects, while establishing stricter criterias for choosing projects.

We are also ready to integrate with Aptos and Sui Blockchain when it goes mainnet.

Q2. At the moment, all tokens go down in price even with great partnerships, hype,marketing, and working products etc. So what challenges do you have and the plan to make your project strong and popular? Do you see it as an opportunity while the current market declines?

Currently, the market is going through a difficult time when a substantial amount of short-term users left the market and there has been no prominent trends to attract investors' cash flow.

Therefore, choosing projects at the right time, with good quality and favored by the market trends, is the current challenge of Infinite Launch.

During this period, we will keep our focus on the IDO orientation for the project groups that Mr. Henry has just shared to optimize profit for investors as soon as the market recovers.

This is the time when all launchpads are slowing down on IDO to focus on product development. Not being an exception, ILA is expanding our focus to building new Defi products to attract new cash flow from the market in the future.

Q3. Infinite Launch has a unique way to select projects by Incubating the project. I found this unique since I think other launchpads don’t have an ‘incubator’ system and usually don’t care about the project after the “launchpad job” is done. But can you tell us the process for incubating a project? What will you do to them?

Projects that come to Infinite Launch vary, not all of them are go-to-market-ready because there is lots of work left to be done such as: fundraising, product positioning, community building, etc.

For those projects, if we truly see the potential, we will usually offer an incubating program, in which we will support them with the mentioned above works until they are ready for the launch, which is also when the IDO part comes in.

Q4. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is #InfiniteLaunch strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term?

Infinite Launch's marketing strategy in the near future will focus on the following three areas:

1. Acquire new users is our top priority

We will onboard web2 users to become web3 users through Learn and Earn tasks on Infinite Launch platform, we will not only cooperate with current IDO projects but will also start collaborating with other top projects. on Coinmarketcap to bring bounties quests to the community, thereby helping them gain more knowledge about web3 before deciding to invest in IDOs on the platform.

Infinite Launch's new "Learn & Earn" feature is expected to launch in November

New users can come to Infinite Launch to learn about web3 and how to invest, then they can earn tokens from our IDO partners or marketing partners, it will create a win-win solution for both users and partners to acquire high-quality users for both of us and projects.

2. Maintain co-marketing cooperation with projects, including booking KOLs, PR, and banner ads on crypto channels, and will promote when new products launch.

3. Increasing interaction in the community is also an important goal for us.

Hence, if you have any suggestions, our team will take note and improve further to help the community become more active.

Q5. Which part of the project are you most focused on right now? What is the current #InfiniteLaunch revenue model . I want to ask, Which one is the most important for you in developing the community and increasing the value of the project?Which one that Will you do first?

During this bear market period, Infinite launch's focus is still onboarding top-tier projects and diversifying products with user centric approach, to better support the community.

Currently, Infinite Launch's main revenue comes from Incubator services and IDO fees from projects launched on the platform, as well as fees for maintaining and using the NFT Sniper tool and trading fees on the NFT marketplace.

In the near future, ILA will have other sources of revenue to contribute to the development of the platform and accelerate the burning of ILA such as: Decentralized IDO setup fee, liquidity lock fee, airdrop fee & marketing tool on the platform.

Our key & ultimate focus right now is on optimizing ROI for community members, which will help build up a stronger, wealthier community over time. This, eventually, will bring more values for projects as the community of investors becomes stronger.


Q1. Very few launchpad tokens are able to trade on CEX, ILA is one of those. IDO projects are also awesome, but they fail to raise 100 %. We just fell down at the same point, according to my view marketing is that fall point. What is your opinion and how to bounce back from that thing?

Currently, we still maintain a good relationship with our partners, VCs and Kucoin. The team acknowledges all comments on the performance of ILA to improve better in the future.

However, you also need to know one information that ILA has completed 60% of the process of paying private and seed sales to initial investors, so in the next 4-6 months selling pressure will come from seed & private investors will decrease and the team will start to buy back tokens to support the ILA price better

Regarding the upcoming IDO organization, we will make sure to set stricter criteria to ensure that the organized IDOs will be the best quality IDOs, and implement more active marketing.

Q2. Could you please give me a reason to buy and hodl Infinite Launch token while thinking of it as a long term investment and convince me to hodl it for a long time?

Currently, ILA still regularly burns about 1M tokens every month, so far after nearly 1 year, ILA has burned a total of 7.5M tokens from trading fees on pancakeswap, reducing the total supply to about 992.5M

From the upcoming months, our team will continue to directly burn the team's tokens every month at least 2M tokens to further reduce the supply.

In addition, ILA will also be burned more from the fact that users have to pay with ILA for upcoming services we provide on the platform such as setting up decentralized IDO or using marketing tools for their projects such as: Airdrop tool, Promotion tool…

Besides all the above reasons, I think when market recovers and we can bring some great qualified projects on Aptos, Sui, or Worldcup-related theme token in the upcoming months, ILA is still needed to get tier & allocation on our platform

When ROI of each IDO becomes better, ILA price will get better

For example this month we already have a super great project Backstage here:

I’m sure you will like it

Q3. What is the most ambitious goal of your InfiniteLaunch project? What is the ultimate vision that your #InfiniteLaunch project is trying to achieve in the cryptocurrency market?

Explain to us about that. I would appreciate it if you could share any upcoming updates with us?

We are taking baby-steps toward greatness  by consistently building & growing the community.

As a launchpad, our ultimate mission is to connect our community of investors with the upcoming IDOs of projects that we believe qualified & would bring substantial ROI. That is our one & only goal to strike for.

Although the market conditions are not in favour of our efforts, we would not let that be the reason to stop pushing forward.

We can't wait to share with the community about our upcoming strategic partnerships, which we believe would be the turning stone for the platform.

Q4. I've seen the recent changes to the site whereby email and phone sign up is enabled. Are there other ways #InfiniteLaunch is looking to ease onboarding for first time, non-crypto and web2 users?

Glad you noticed. We are making all the changes, day by day, little by little, towards making the onboarding process as seamless, as familiar as possible.

We believe phone numbers & email are the 2 critical communicating channels in which we can effectively & efficiently share all the important updates to the users, and not letting them miss any IDO event.

Our upcoming focus would be on educating the community, in terms of choosing the right project to invest in, risk management & tutorials on how to participate in IDO for web3 newbies.

Q5. Can you explain your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

You can always find our tokenomics & our coreteam profile here:

About ILA token:

Our Max supply: 1B ILA

Our Total supply:

992,5M ILA

At this moment we still have  622M tokens lock in our main smart contract, you can check here and some others token are also locked, too (

Our circulating supply right now is around 147M and total supply will reduce month by month aggreassively from now

You can buy ILA on Kucoin or Pancakeswap with contract address: 0x4fBEdC7b946e489208DED562e8E5f2bc83B7de42