The Wasted Lands – The first NFT & Puzzle-RPG Game on Infinite Launch can reach ROI ATH up to 13 times.

The Wasted Lands – The first NFT & Puzzle-RPG Game on Infinite Launch can reach ROI ATH up to 13 times.

On 5th of March, 2022, The Wasted Lands hit the spectacular deals when having sold out 3.1 million dollars of token $WAL. Two days after that, token $WAL/USDT were successfully listed on KuCoin with maximum ATH ROI increasing 13 times.

The Wasted Lands just successfully launched IDO and INO on Infinite Launch on December 12th and December 15th last year respectively, and then Gamefi,  with a long-term vesting strategy. Infinite Launch has been one of the reputable investors which cooperates and incubates the Wasted Land (Seed, Private Sale, Public).

On 7th of March, 2022, $WAL/USDT entered the Top 01 Gainers on KuCoin. Within one minute, the price of the token increased from $0.3 to $4, 13 times as much as its IDO price. This success can be attributed to the support of Infinite Launch and KuCoin, a real milestone.

$WAL is built to be used to use in-game features like: FUSING and innovating NFT fighters, as well as betting on PVP battles, buying or renting NFT items for warriors  and staking the $WAL token will help with more NFT items, governance and voting.

The Wasted Lands game is a true Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game where players immerse themselves in a world of adventure across the post-apocalyptic world, promising the greatest experience when playing games. The Wasted Lands takes place in the post-apocalyptic world where  the struggle and survival of three factions Hybrids, Survivors, Ex-company occur after the pandemic in 2062. The context of the game evokes many associations with the current situation - human life in the post-Covid world. Covid 19 has changed everyone's life. Struggling for survival and building a base in an effort to grow their community is all The Wasted Lands want the participants to join and fight for. Gameplay will mainly include Jewels, Map Exploration, Puzzles and Battleship.  In addition, players can purchase NFTs warriors, pets, and various equipment upgrades. Then, players grow or strengthen their army using advanced in-game functions like Breeding and Fusion.  

The Wasted Lands sold out of NFTs on website and other prestigious launchpads such as Infinite Launch, Gamefi, NFTPad, Oxbull, Metaverse Starter, achieving a capital call of more than $ 2,595,000 (according to Simultaneously, The Wasted Lands’s NFTs will be up for sale with the new Avatar Opensea Collection, opening up the game's Metaverse world, at which the users who purchase the collection will be eligible for an $WAL airdrop tokens on Ethereum.

The Wasted Lands have got off to a good start with the enthusiastic support of valuable business partnerships for projects in the long run, including VC, Game Guilds và Influencers:

  • ·         VCs: OKEX, Momentum 6, Genblock, Icetea Labs, Krypital, Waterdrip Capital, Everse Capital, Cointelligence Fund, Kernel Ventures, etc.
  • ·         Game Guilds: YGG SEA, GGG, Avocado, MGG, AGU, Polkastarter Gaming, etc.
  • ·         Influencers: Coin Mühendisi, Para Mühendisi, Crypto Knowledge Tamil, Crypto Furkan, Crypto Ryan, FOMOnista TV, Modern Mulan, Crypto Fomo, Crypto Rank, Buhok Gaming, Suppoman, Ash WSB, Anh Review, Crypto Daku, Crypto Differ, Steel, Token Hunter, Money King, TehMoonWalker, Blockchain Hub Services, Crypto Fury, etc.

Apart from that, Alpha Game Test of The Wasted Lands was successfully launched from  February 15th, 2022 to March 2nd , 2022, with the total prize up to 60.000 USD in which the first winner will get an attractive bonus of 8000 USDT and earliest access to PvP game functionality.

In addition, The Wasted Lands also launched Arena Season 1 whose total prize pool for the entire Arena Season is up to 250,000 WAL tokens. Players can also earn tokens with each daily win over rounds. At the end of the season, the TOP 200 best winners will also receive special rewards.
It's time to discover Arena Season 1 and show your skill. This version is now available on:

App Store…

Google Play…


Mr. Luan Nguyen, founder of The Wasted Lands, has gained extensive experience in the field of gaming during the time working at many reputable corporations including VNG and Zitga Game and currently is known as CEO of Elite Studio Game in Ha Noi. The development team with a solid background in the industry working as Game Designer, Tech and Art at big companies such as Gameloft, Gear Inc, IEC, Hiker, VTC, Amanotes và Zitga and has been involved in many outstanding projects such as Asphalt 9, Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter 5, Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Summoners Era, ect. This is another plus to impress investors who are interested in Gamefi & NFT and looking for a potential cryptocurrency.

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