The Next War - A blockchain-enabled Battle Royale game is ready to be released on Infinite Launch

The Next War - A blockchain-enabled Battle Royale game is ready to be released on Infinite Launch

The combination of blockchain and gaming has vast potential, and shooter games has always been the most popular genre among gamers, with a CAGR of 13% to 125.58 Billion 2028. However, currently there are no enjoyable blockchain-based Battle Royale games for shooter enthusiasts.

THE NEXT WAR yearns to invite players from all around the world on board to experience the world's first GameFi shooter game with world-class tournament.

MMO x Battle Royale x World-Class Tournament x Metaverse x NFT = THE NEXT WAR

Overview of The Next War

Inspired by Call of Duty, coupled with our imagination, and taking into consideration the likes of gamers, we intend for The Next War to explore all the uncapped elements. It offers high-end graphics that are at par with any of the established games, along with some of the most amazing features that are bound to amplify your experience.

We plan to combine gaming and blockchain, and there is no better genre than shooter games to start with. When you set it in the metaverse, the future of the gaming industry, the outcome is set to be amazing. And, it certainly is! A few minutes of The Next War, and you will be glued for hours.

For those of you who are a fan of The Sandbox, we have acquired a 3 x 3 land with the coordinates (117,-48) to further enhance your experience and enable seamless bridging between blockchains. So instead of shooting all day, as is the case with other games in the genre, you can now socialize with fellow gamers, flaunt your NFT collection, or watch tournaments, along with a bunch of other fun stuff.

Key Highlights of The Next War

  • An experienced team  with more than 10 years of experience in game industry
  • An unique earning mechanism: Shoot-to-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, Stake-to-Earn, Bid-to-Earn, Bet-t0-Earn
  • World class tournament - Aim to have the highest price pool tournament in GameFi
  • Interoperability - TNW already own a land in The Sandbox (117,-48) , and will bring the cross-platform NFT interoperability to TNW together with The Sandbox
  • Excited Game Mode - Battle Royale, Guild War, PVE and many more
  • Many combinations of NFT - Genesis soldier avatar, soldier avatar, weapon, weapon skin, land, and other NFT (robot, tank...)


We offer two viewpoints, first-person shooter (FPS) and third-person shooter (TPS), along with several captivating maps to choose from.

You can earn tokens and NFTs in the four different game modes, so it’s not just shooting the enemies per se. Also, there’s a limited Genesis Soldier NFT capped at 1000 units, one of the rarest in the market, the owners of which will be offered several benefits.

Each of the in-game weapons demonstrates an NFT with different attributes. We have classified them into six categories based on how rare they are. The weapons have a lifespan and a daily usage limit to ensure a fair and healthy ecosystem, so no player can use the same weapon throughout.

Two Battle Royale variants make up THE NEXT WAR game mode.

On top of that, TNW also has a variety of modes that allow players to compete in a several of ways:

  • Guild War
  • Leaderboard
  • Battle Pass
  • World Class Tournament

THE NEXT WAR is a Shoot-To-Earn metaverse in which players may earn tokens or NFTs in the gameplay.

Core Team: Here are a few instances of our excellent team's verified records:  RAN Online, SG Online, Xuan Wu Online, Eximius, Sudden Attack, W3K (Warriors of The Three Kingdoms), Yulgang Online (SEA), Maple story, Nostale, and many more.

  • CEO - Mr.Kelvin

With over 14 years of experience,

A veteran yet innovative Entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in gaming industry.

Founded the first generation of Flash Wolf E-Sport team in Indonesia achieved excellent results for Mobile Legend competition.

  • Marketing Director - Mr.Jason

Professional crypto trader and marketing manager.

Ex-professional poker player with exceptional discipline, risk management, strategic thinking, and communication skills.

  • Game Director - Mr.Jeremy

Over 10 years of experience in developing & modding generations of Unreal Engine.

CEO of Ammobox Studios, Lead developer of Steamgame, Eximius.

  • Tech Director - Mr.Terry

An expert & has vast knowledge in Blockchain solutions, distributed computing,

smart contracts, and DApps with strong leadership skills.

  • Art Director - Mr.Poh

Leads a multi-functional project team develops creative materials, and always works to achieve optimally visualization efficiently.

Investors, Backers & Advisors:


  • There are also two tokens up for grab, THE NEXT WAR Gem ($TNG) and THE NEXT WAR Coin ($TNC). The supply of the former is capped at 5,000,000,000 and will be a medium of exchange between the various participants in the game.
  • The mechanisms described intentions are: To empower participants voting rights, to incentivizes player's contributions to the game, to rewards participants devoted to TNW ecosystem(Staking)
  • THE NEXT WAR Gem (TNG) is a governance token that binds the whole TNW communities. TNG holders can stake, trade in the market, and participate in key governance voting.
  • THE NEXT WAR Coin (TNC) is the major in-game currency. Earn it by participating in the game and many other activities. It can be exchanged, traded, or to buy TNW Box.


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