NITROX RACING - A New Era of NFT Racing Game is ready to explode on Infinite Launch

NITROX RACING - A New Era of NFT Racing Game is ready to explode on Infinite Launch

Introducing a professional and interactive NFT racing game called ‘Nitrox Racing’ Nitrox NFT game is going to change the whole landscape of racing NFT games. The expectations of every gamer are increasing day by day, especially from NFT games. NFT is the future of digital collectibles and there could be nothing better than the combination of games and NFTs. Things get more exciting and transparent when we process them on the Blockchain network and Nitrox is no different.

The Nitrox team is bringing a reliable NFT racing game to offer something worth participating in for the whole gamers’ community. Nitrox is more than just a racing game, you will be able to earn as well by competing and winning races in the Nitrox. Who would have thought that an NFT racing game would become a source of earning for the players? From game mechanics to physics, cars to tracks, everything has been optimized to give a rich gaming experience to every gamer.

Overview of Nitrox Racing:

Nitrox Racing is an AAA quality NFT Racing game, powered by Binance Smart Chain & Polygon network. $NOS is a BEP20 Token built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Crew at Nitrox Racing is commited to bring a metaverse racing game to let the players not only have fun of racing but to earn as well. With VR support, Nitrox Racing is dedicated to bring that metaverse world of racing experience to all the Nitroxers in the World of Nitrox Racing metaverse.

Nitrox Racing Game:

In order to make a game for gamers, you must think and act like a gamer to bring what attracts and amazes the game player. Nitrox Racing team consists of some amazing gamers who know what it takes to bring excitement and thrill to a gamer. Unlike other racing NFT games, Nitrox racing is a real-physics game where a player can also drive his vehicle on his own to compete and win. Moreover, we are providing an auto racing game mode as well where vehicles will be competing with each other and winners will be decided following a professional racing algorithm.

There will be a variety of racing competitions based on vehicle categories, country, and events as well. Every racing tournament or rounds might have different participation requirements depending on the We believe that games should be filled with excitement, thrill, and suspense so you will see that phenomena implemented in Nitrox racing. Let’s go through every phase of the Nitrox racing game to understand the overall flow of this NFT racing game.

Key Highlights of Nitrox Racing:


The place for players to buy fuel for their car to participate in a race. Moreover, every racer would want his vehicle to have a Nitrous Oxide (N2O) cylinder filled to compete and win the race with more

boost. NOS Stations have been introduced for all of the racers who want to have fuel and nitrous oxide for their vehicles to increase their chances of winning in the race. You will be able to get your vehicle’s NOS cylinder filled with N2O.Payment to buy fuel or N2O will be processed using $NOS tokens as $NOS is the utility token of the Nitrox Racing game.

NOS Stations will be available in a limited number of NFTs. There will be an auction where

buyers will be able to bid and buy NOS Stations. Owners of NOS Stations will be earning their

$NOS share in the sales of fuel and N2O generated from NOS Stations.


Nitrox Racing will be offering lots of vehicles of different levels and ranks to bring that feeling of joy and thrill to racers. Nitrox Racing will be organizing racing competitions as well. It means that car racers are welcome to be a part of Nitrox racing and showcase their racing skills around the World. Players will be able to buy Car NFTs through the platforms announced by the platform of Nitrox Racing.

Cars have been the center of attraction in every racing game. We will be introducing a variety of car NFTs of different categories and prices. Let’s have a look at the car categories and their levels. Car Categories Have a look at the following car categories you will be able to buy to compete within Nitrox Racing.


The objective behind introducing Auto mechanic shops is to provide vehicle upgrades, auto parts, and modifications to the drivers. Upgrades will be required to increase your car levels, engine, and have more chances of winning in the races. One will be able to buy auto parts and upgrades from the shop in $NOS tokens.

Just like NOS stations, Auto mechanic shops will also be available in a limited number of NFTs. Auto mechanic shops will be auctioned for buyers to bid and buy them. Automechanic Shop owners will be earning their $NOS share in the sales generated from upgrades through those auto mechanic shops.


We are introducing different Racing Tracks and their NFTs, there will be different racing tracks players will be able to compete on in Nitrox Racing. An auction of Racing Track NFTs will be held where one has the opportunity to bid and buy the racing track. Racing Tracks of Nitrox Racing will be available in a very limited amount and owners of racing tracks will earn their $NOS share depending on the races held on their racing tracks.

More opportunities for racing track owners will be coming up with the passage of time.

Core team:  

Have a look at the team working behind Nitrox Racing to bring a professional and interactive Play-To-Earn NFT Racing game.

  • M. TAREEN  (Crew Chief)

Manzoor Tareen is a professional game designer and architect, having years of experience working in the gaming industry. He has been working on different game projects over the last few years.

  • MIA AMIR ( Chief Marketing Officer)

Mia Amir is a blockchain enthusiast and versatile marketing professional with 5+ years experience. She has been working as a marketing strategist with different companies.

  • FAHAD ( Engine Programmer)

Being a professional and experienced web developer, Fahad has worked on lots of web applications for different organizations. He has a vast experience in the field of web development.

  • FAISAL MEHMOOD (Game Developer)

Faisal has been working with different startups and well-established organizations as a web application developer. He is a passionate gamer and loves to develop games as well.

Investors, Backers & Advisors:

Token Information

Following the passion and interest of racing lovers, we are introducing $NOS, the native currency of the Nitrox Racing game. Yes, $NOS has just arrived in the form of cryptocurrency as well to boost your cars and fuel your wallets.

NOS Token by Nitrox is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network, $NOS will be the utility token of the Nitrox NFT racing game. Using $NOS, you will be able to upgrade your vehicle parts like engines, tires, and other modifications. Having $NOS tokens will somehow help you to keep competing and winning the races. Modified and updated vehicles always get you to victory in the race so make sure you have $NOS tokens to keep your vehicle fit.
$NOS Token Utility

Here are the following ways one can use $NOS tokens in Nitrox Racing game.

  • Use $NOS to buy Cars, NOS Stations, Auto Mechanic shops and Racing Tracks.
  • Use $NOS tokens to buy fuel from NOS Stations.
  • Use $NOS tokens to buy N₂O from NOS Stations.
  • Use $NOS for Staking and earn rewards.

Total Supply:  100,000,000

Token Symbol:  NOS

Network: Binance Smart Chain Network

Initial Market Supply: $320,400

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IDO information: TBU

$NOS IGO is going to launch on InfiniteLaunch, a multi-chain launchpad for innovative blockchain projects. Let's race and boost our energy. IGO Date will be announced soon.

IDO Refund Policy

Infinite Launch has come up with Refund Policy for IDOs on our platform. These refund terms shall become effective and shall apply for all IDOs from June 9th, 2022.

Terms and Conditions of Refund:

Refund policy shall apply if one or more events below happen:

  • IDO of the project poses a safety or security risk to users or the platform of Infinite Launch.
  • Any information provided by the project is incomplete, invalid, misleading, or untrue;
  • The token smart contract is reported to have errors that potentially affects the token minting & distribution process.
  • The token experiences selling pressure before the TGE.
  • In 48 hours after the TGE/token listing event, if the tokens price drops to equal or lower than that in the IDO.
  • Other events that indicate any potential risk to Infinite Launch’s IDO investors.

IDO Refund Mechanism:

Infinite Launch will refund 90% of valid token collected from users. Refund processing timeline: 2–3 weeks from the date of official announcement for refund from Infinite Launch.

Infinite Launch will be responsible for an official announcement for a refund to all users/investors. Next, Infinite Launch will collect all valid tokens within 5–7 days and start to airdrop the refund directly to users wallet.

About Infinite Launch:

Infinite Launch is a multi-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

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