Mars Colony: Play-to-earn Meta for Mars and beyond is ready to explode on Infinite Launch

Mars Colony: Play-to-earn Meta for Mars and beyond 
is ready to explode on Infinite Launch

Mars Colony is a framework for mars colonization, which combine a video game with NFT ownership, a DeFi-based economy, DAO governance, guilds, and inter-blockchain colonies.

Mars Colony is a social experiment and GameFi development in which we build a new society from the ground up.

Combining a video game with NFT ownership, a DeFi-based economy, DAO governance, guilds, and inter-blockchain colonies, we're turning the metaverse into a world we've always wished existed.

Meet Colony

The colonization process might take tens or hundreds of years, and end result might not be feasible in the first stages. But remember first people who enter the North American continent four hundred years ago and compare it with the United States.

With the Colony framework, this process became fully transparent and open for participation for 4.66 Billions of active internet users 6 on Earth.

Colony Modules

  • Claim
  • Record
  • Own
  • Trade
  • Modify: split & unite
  • Govern
  • Build
  • Design a New Economy

Overview of Mars Colony

Mars Colony is a society-building framework that can be replicated on every blockchain for native users of that blockchain. The first cycle started on Harmony, and the second cycle will begin on Polygon soon.

Each blockchain's planet will be environmentally unique, with its own topography, weather, resources, and lifeforms. Linking all colonies for inter-chain play will create a diverse and resilient Colony and economy.

MarsColony is an gamified colonization framework that contains modules:

  • Play-and-Earn
  • UBI
  • DeFi
  • DAO & Governance
  • Full community ownership

Stage 1: Mint land plots

In this stage, Architects mint their 21,000 land plots and begin generating CLNY token. This inflationary stage ensures there is enough CLNY in circulation for the game to function well.

The funds users pay to mint their land are used to create the development treasury for the colony, which is managed by the core dev team until the colony DAO is launched, at which point it becomes fully community-governed.

A new supply of CLNY is created for each chain's colony, because that colony will need a full supply for itself. The inflationary aspect of this first stage decreases in intensity the more colonies exist, and each inflation stage will eventually become deflationary with full utility in-game leading to excessive burns of the token. The total supply of CLNY is 144,800,000 per blockchain.

Stage 2: Mint avatars

Once enough CLNY has been minted (roughly 30-45 days, depending on upgrade speeds) and anyone can buy from pools in the SpaceXchange, the first batch of playable avatars will be minted.

As most of the CLNY used to mint avatars is burned, a large deflationary event takes place in this stage.

Stage 3: Begin missions

After avatars have been minted, Explorers can begin missions and the Colony can begin to grow and progress. All other features can then be added, and the cycle repeated on another blockchain.

Because the game includes an ever-increasing variety of ways to use (burn) CLNY, this stage begins the transition to more consistent deflation.

Because the cycle takes time to generate enough CLNY, a new cycle can begin before the previous one has finished. In the future, every blockchain will be bridged together via their Colonies, and Colonists can perform missions, travel, and trade between colonies on other chains.

MarsColony Play to Earn: NFT Landlord vs NFT Avatar (Colonist)

MarsColony Play to Earn concept requires two types of users NFT Landlords & NFT Avatars (Colonists)

  • NFT Landlords

Users that claimed NFT Land plots built improvements and made their land economically attractive to bring Colonists to work on their land to create economic value for all sides (Landlords, Colonists and Colony itself). NFT Land plots are limited.

  • NFT Avatars (Colonists)

People that claimed NFT Avatars are eligible to collect resources, play missions and earn rewards while playing. NFT Avatars are unlimited, and anyone from the Earth can become Mars Colonist simply by claiming an Avatar.

  • NFT Usage Comparison

Your land is securely stored on the blockchain in the form of an NFT.


Build base station, robot assembly and other facilities on your land.

  • EARN

Earn CLNY tokens from owning and building facilities on land.


Take part in daily challenges and win rewards.


Earn CLNY tokens by staking LP tokens.

  • DEX

Buy and sell CLNY and other tokens via built-in DEX.

Colony Token

Colony is a community-driven project. So the tokenomic was also designed by the community and for the community. Colony will have two types of token non-fungible (NFT Land) tokens & fungible governance (CLNY) tokens.

CLNY is a hybrid token that contains attributes of government and utility tokens. Token holders can use this token to take part in the decentralized governance, purchase land upgrades and perform other actions within the MarsColony metaverse. You can purchase CLNY tokens for ONE on SushiSwap.

CLNY token contract: 0x0d625029e21540abdfafa3bfc6fd44fb4e0a66d0

Core Team:

@eugenefinch — Chief of Product

This is the man that makes everything happen. Everything.

@MEMEXPO (Dima) — Chief Technology Officer

The Technician™, the dev that does it all.

@father — Father

The Source, Guiding Light, progenitor of all. Not really. We just use his brain for ideas and his smiles to melt the ice around our hearts.

@brother — Me, brother, “Jeus”

I’m you. I’m here to talk about Mars, to colonize Mars, and to make this world just a little bit better.

@Lyagushka (Ivan) — Product Manager

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, give it to Ivan. This man makes things work.

Rey — Bizdev Lead

What’s it take to run a business? Ask her.

@nikita_live91 — Parnerships

The man that makes two deals at once, and the reason Mars Colony will expand infinitely (forward).

Karina — UX Design

If you can use it, thank Karina.

Ilya — Lead front-end engineer

The bridge between the internet and your brain.

Mike — Head of 3D Design

Every time one of you thinks, “holy shit that looks awesome” when we show you sneak peeks, Mike glows. He’s been glowing for weeks straight.

Backers: VCs, Launchpad, Exchanges…

100% communtity ownership, no private investors

Token Minting logic

  • Initial Market Cap: $280,000 + every day will be minted 39,671 CLNY tokens
  • The initial CLNY supply is 0 CLNY tokens
  • Max CLNY supply is 144,800,000 CLNY
  • NFT Landlords will be eligible to mint 1 CLNY / Day / NFT Land

IDO Time:

  • Time: May 24th 2022
  • Pool Size: 200,000 tokens
  • IDO Price: 1 MATIC
  • Vesting schedule for IDO: Unlock after IDO, no cliff time

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