Infinite Launch January Recap - We are starting strong

Infinite Launch January Recap - We are starting strong
With the mission to equip investors with potential, viable and outstanding projects, Infinite Launch is slowly but steadily moving towards that goal with continuous updates & milestones unlocked.  Let’s go over the humble milestones we achieved in the past few months.

Connect with innovative projects

Tokens from 5 major projects on Infinite Launch, including Battle of Guardians, Realms of Ethernity, Arenum, Artemis Vision, and EcoCredit,  have been successfully sold out since the official launch on the market.

In addition, IDO Calendar has been announced on prestigious social media journals such as Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, BSCNews, etc.

Best benefits updates  for investors

Infinite Launch has increased the number of token allocations for high-ranking members $ILA Tier, namely Gold ILA Tier and Platinum ILA Tier with special benefits. This allocation will help holders purchase a larger number of tokens at an attractive price. What’s more, the NFT Marketplace fee has been updated, 100 % of which has been used to repurchase and burn tokens, which leads to the exclusivity of the token on the current market. This will help to raise the value of the token, benefit long-term and big investors.

Other than that, The Wasted Land's NFT Frame will also be airdropped for Gold ILA Tier and Platinum ILA Tier members. NFT Frame does not stop at avatar decorative purposes, but they go further to enhance the stats of the whole team when playing the game and offer the combat advantage to warriors the users own. Utilizing the frame, users can provide their squads with cutting-edge advantages and certain privileges which The Wasted Land's NFT Frame always desires to offer only to the Gold ILA Tier and Platinum ILA Tier.

Diverse products and unique features on Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch has integrated a variety of wallets such as Fantom, Solflare, C98, Slope Wallet, assisting holders to invest and IDO more easily than ever. The integration of Fantom chains has opened up opportunities to partner with outstanding and exceptional projects on this platform.

Moreover, the new version of Marketplace has been completely upgraded, integrating multi-chain with user-friendly display and smooth transactions for NFT collections apart from Bony Bastard. In particular, our latest NFT Marketplace will support more collections across blockchains and give useful aid to The Wasted Lands' NFT trading.

What’s next?

IDO projects with an awe-inspiring backers team, such as Bullieverse, Gravis Finance, Colizeum, Galaxy Blitz, are about to take place this February and March, promising to accelerate innovations in the space, pushing the gamefi & metaverse industry forward in 2022.  Stay tuned and secure your IDO slot to the upcoming IDO events by holding $ILA.

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It has been quite a journey getting to this stage and we are only at the beginning of what the ILA ecosystem was built to achieve. We are grateful for your support and will never stop pushing boundaries to deliver.

Happy Lunar New Year.

Infinite Launch Team.