Infinite Launch - A LaunchPad was born with their role to respect and give investors the best interests

Infinite Launch - A LaunchPad was born with their role to respect and give investors the best interests

All well-prepared privileges for investors mentioned in this article distinguished Infinite Launch from the competition. Everything was put in place for Infinite Launch to become the most profitable & trustworthy launchpad ever. Let's quickly look over these main points.

Owning a special burning system

Infinite Launch is one of the unique LaunchPads with the burning system making $ILA stronger. It is the process in which $ILA token is removed from circulation. The tokens are sent to a wallet address that cannot be used for transactions other than receiving the coins. This means that no one can buy, sell, stake, or do anything else with the burned coin. The end location of the burned coin is called a burn or eater address, and the private keys are inaccessible, meaning the burned coins can no longer be acquired by anyone. Burning a coin is irreversible, and therefore permanent.

$ILA tokens promise to have a chance to increase value in long-term because of token deflationary function, with 1% burn fee in every transaction and 2% fee transfer to ILA reward pool, surging token value in the future.

There are four times that $ILA token was burnt, including Christmas Token Burn, Black Friday Token Burn, January Token Burn, February Token Burn,...

Establishing community governance for IDO project selection:

Infinite Launch grants power for ILA locker stakers & holders to vote for the project. If 80% of them agree with the projects, Infinite Launch will proceed to the IDO, such as Marble Heroes, Karmaverse, DefiYield. Marble Heroes was established to provide a simplified environment to avoid the common troubles and tricks in traditional games, and provide an accessible platform for players to get the rewards they deserve. Besides, Karmaverse is a gamefi multiverse, containing multiple metaverses such as Karmaverse Zombie, Fantasy World, Old West, Cyberpunk and others. It is created by the team behind two of the top 10 SLG games in the mobile gaming history.

Giving exclusive privilege for Infinite Launch investors

Infinite Launch is a unique allocation mechanism that allows investors to access their IDO projects' pool of money without worrying about their rank or resources. This ground-breaking idea is based on a thorough knowledge of the project's leaders in the cryptocurrency market.

Infinite Launch investors do not only get a guaranteed allocation; the platform already has everything laid out and ready to debut the best projects in town. In recent, Infinite Launch has given exclusive privileges ILA Tier members and NFT holders will get x3 allocation tickets to join IDO after 1 hour of opening the main pool, and the pool will be exclusively accessible to the groups above, no room for community members.

Being ready in time for the unveiling of ILA Prediction Game

Infinite Launch takes immense pride in introducing our Prediction Market feature. Not only fun and entertaining, this new feature will benefit all Infinite Launch’s investors by facilitating the buyback and burn of Infinite Launch tokens. Our investors can take advantage of Prediction Market feature to predict token prices and earn rewards.

Our Prediction Market has gone live since March 14th 2022

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a multi-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve. Through implementing its innovative allocation system, Infinite Launch established itself as one of the leading Launchpads.

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