Hyper Walk - A great world for young people who love sports and sneakers is ready to roll-out on Infinite Launch

Hyper Walk - A great world for young people who love sports and sneakers is ready to roll-out on Infinite Launch

Users can easily own the shoes and turn them into a valuable NFT collection. Along with Sneakers, you can also join sports activities such as Walking and Running, from which you can earn rewards and profits.

Overview of Hyper Walk

Hyper Walk is a Game-Fi project including sports activities which helps users improve their health, make profit and also make friends across borders. The project has high practical applicability when bringing blockchain technology applications into real life instead of just on the internet.

Hyper Walk is a Collect to Earn project suitable for Sneaker lovers. Users can customize their own 3D Sneakers. Hyper Walk also organizes Festival or KOL Collaboration activities to promote NFT collecting in the community.

Key Highlights of Hyper Walk:

  • Health improvement: Hyper Walk’s main resources are Sneakers. Players will complete everyday quests with their Sneakers to maintain a good health and a fit bod.
  • Profit making: Through completing quests, users can earn tokens and exchange them to gain profit.
  • Cross-border friends: As a social connection project, Hyper Walk is a great place to make new friends in your area or even cross borders through regional or international marathon competitions.


  • Marketplace: This is the place for exchanging of Sneakers and Items (Charm; Stone) in Hyper Walk. Collection/ Rarity /Features /Level/ Price filters are available on the marketplace to help users quickly find goods that satisfy their requirements.
  • Sneaker Bag: In Hyper Walk, each user owns a Sneaker Bag - where all Sneakers and Items (Charm, Stone) are stored. Currently, the capacity of the Sneaker Bag is unlimited so you don't have to worry about it not having enough space for your collection.
  • Factory: Factory is a place to help users perform sneaker and item upgrades. Get your sneaker into the factory quickly for a perfect sneaker NFT.
  • Festival: Festival is the place where users can show their NFT collection to others. Festival is a special event held in a short period of time.
  • Anti-cheating

Hyper Walk encourages walking and jogging activities through completing quests to receive rewards. We hope that users can fully understand the purpose of our project.

To ensure fairness among users, Hyper Walk will use two methods to prevent cheating:

  • GPS tracking
  • Data from motion sensors and health

Game Overview

  • Story

Hyper Walk is a fantastic world for young people who love sports and sneakers. Users can easily have their own NFT Sneakers and together with the Sneakers, they can join sports activities such as Walking and Running, from which numerous attractive prizes can be obtained.

  • Sneaker

Sneakers are compulsory when joining the world of Hyper Walk. Users can use one or multiple Sneakers according to his/her preferences and purpose. Each Sneaker is an unique NFT and is distinguished with one another by these criteria:

  • Item

In addition to Sneakers, Hyper Walk also has accompanying items that can increase the value of your Sneakers. You can also exchange the items on the marketplace for profit.

  • List of Items:
  • Special box
  • Charm
  • Stone

Quest System


  • Become a project with high Social Applicability.
  • Bringing Blockchain technology applications into Real Life.
  • Become significant in Move to Earn and Collect to Earn project worldwide.


  • The project in which players can make their profit through investments and NFT collection.
  • The project which encourages players to join sports activities everyday.
  • The project in which players can connect across borders and join social in-game/ outside activities.

Core team:

​"Our core team was established in 2021 with the desire to create a project with high practical applicability in real life. Hyper Walk is built towards the purpose of helping users spend their leisure time efficiently by doing exercise (walking or running) and earning money at the same time with just around 30 minutes per day. In addition, building Society, Merchandise and Social applications are also the next steps for our project development." CEO - Kevin Nguyen.

Investors, Backers & Advisors


  • Name: Hyper Token
  • Symbol: HPT
  • Max supply: 500.000.000
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Initial Market Cap: $440,000
  • Vesting Schedule: 40% at TGE, then monthly unlock for 4 months (15% each month)


Q1/2022: Idea, Preparation

✅ Project ideas; Research

✅ Core team setup

✅ Strategy and resources preparation

Q2/ 2022: Introduction, Move to earn

🟩 April: Website publicity; Game introduction

🟩 May: INO; Marketplace; Staking

🟩 June: IDO; DEX Listing; App launching (IOS, Android)

Q3/ 2022: Society, Collab collection

🟩 July: In-game chat; Guide system

🟩 August: Social activities (Marathon; Walking day)

🟩 September: Collab collection with KOLs

Q4/ 2022: Merchandise; Society application

🟩 October: Internal merchandise

🟩 November: External merchandise with strategy partners

🟩 December: Expansion of applications in society

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IDO information: TBC

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