EcoCREDIT - Bringing Carbon Credits On-Chain Ecosystem has come on Infinite Launch

EcoCREDIT - Bringing Carbon Credits On-Chain Ecosystem has come on Infinite Launch

Earth is warming more quickly now than ever before. It’s important that we as humans act quickly to stop climate change. But what can we do?

Green technologies are a good start. They help to avoid carbon emissions and are good for the environment. But unfortunately, they’re not enough. Data shows that carbon emission rose by almost 5% in 2021. We need to do more if we’re to stop climate change in its tracks.

That’s where EcoCREDIT comes in. By enabling unprecedented access to the voluntary carbon offset market, EcoCREDIT make it possible for individuals and businesses to fund sustainable projects that pull carbon out of the atmosphere. Removing carbon from the environment helps offset carbon emissions, slowing climate change.

Overview of EcoCREDIT

EcoCREDIT is an ecosystem that is purpose built to acquire and tokenize carbon credits, making it easy for consumers to offset their carbon generating activity. We make saving the world easy! EcoCREDIT transforms real world greenification into digital assets.

By leveraging blockchain technology, EcoCREDIT can make the process of buying carbon credits as painless as ordering something from Amazon. This ease of access means that anyone can join the Eco revolution! This is the tool humanity needs to stop climate change in its tracks.

The next installment will explore how the EcoCREDIT carbon credit engine effectively warehouses, tokenizes, and standardizes voluntary carbon credits. Anyone can build applications that incorporate voluntary carbon credits, making truly sustainable applications possible for the first time.

Ecolands - Your Sustainable Metaverse

Ecolands built on EcoCREDIT technology and using the EcoCREDIT token Users invest in NFTrees which represent real world items and the amount of trees it takes to offset those items. When a user purchases one of those NFTrees, they get that item in the metaverse.

See how many trees you have on your land, every tree in the metaverse represents a tree planted in the real world. See how many trees your friends and others have on their land and compete to be the greenest person alive! Invest in real world landmarks, for example a Statue Of Liberty NFTree is worth 20,000 trees. When you buy this NFTree you are the only one that can own this unique asset. Additionally you will see 20,000 trees on your land and the Statue of Liberty. Promote your NFTrees on social media and earn EcoCREDIT tokens that you can spend in the metaverse or sell to make real money.

By gamifying greenification, making it fun and rewarding, people for the first time ever can enjoy the value and perks of digital assets by living green in their real world. People compete to be the greenest and earn along the way.

Key Highlights of EcoCREDIT:

  • Warehousing - EcoCREDIT buys only the highest quality voluntary carbon offsets from repudiable industry brokers. By handling the warehousing of carbon offsets for customers, EcoCREDIT make it possible for anyone to offset anything at any time. Companies don't have to hold illiquid voluntary carbon offsets on their books to offer carbon offsets to their customers while individuals can buy any number of carbon offsets at this discretion.
  • Tokenizing - By brining carbon offsets on chain, EcoCREDIT allows for near-instant settlement times. Rather than waiting around for five business days, purchasers can immediately interact with this on chain offsets, allowing for an endless number of sustainable applications that use tokenized carbon offsets to offset their carbon footprints!
  • Standardization - The process of warehousing and tokenization intrinsically require a type of standardization for carbon offsets. At the end of the day, each sustainable project pulls a quantifiable amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Therefore, by purchasing only the highest quality, third-party verified carbon offsets, EcoCREDIT can provide a standard unit for carbon offsets for the first time.
  • The Result - EcoCREDIT serves as a tokenized carbon offset engine, allowing anyone to purchase any number of carbon offsets at any time. Buyers can immediately interact with their purchased carbon offsets, allowing for empirical proof of the removal from the atmosphere. Anyone can build applications that use EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offsets, allowing for a nearly endless list of sustainable applications. This process solves the supply and demand disconnect currently found in the voluntary carbon offset market. Consumers can now procure the offsets they desire while sustainable projects gain access to far greater levels of funding.  

Core team:

Joe | Co-Founder & CEO

Leads organization, involved in every decision and designs, business development, system development/architecture.

Has a background in concept development, business- development, sales, project management, engineering, app design and robotic applications/system design and leading teams. Joe has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2017 and has known Jeremy since 2014!

Ray | Co-Founder & CBO

Chief blockchain officer, key in designing network architectures, lead documentation and assists business development.

Ray boasts rich and diverse industry expertise, having worked with, on, and around cryptocurrencies for over seven years. With a deep passion for work, Ray enjoys building projects and tools that touch lives while also facilitating social good. When not working, Ray enjoys time with his wife and daughter.

Jeffrey | Co-Founder & CTO

Software Engineer, MVP builder, code research, IT architecture, smart contract development, fullstack.

Fulltime software engineer, entrepreneur and custom+complex software development business co-owner. Expertise in technical+business analysis's, value creation, business, process+product development, project management, complex+quality software. Focusses on management, quality and value creation. Overthinker, realistic, proactive and intrinsically motivated.

Investors, Backers & Advisors: Nodeseeds, Ferastrategies, DAOstarter, greencandle and more.


EcoCREDIT tokens are the protocol native scarce asset that serves as the medium of exchange for applications that use EcoCREDIT for tokenized carbon offsets. At the time of launch, there will be a total of 100,000,000 EcoCREDIT tokens in existence. We use a small portion of the proceeds derived from the sale of tokenized carbon offsets to buy back and burn the EcoCREDIT native token. This feature makes the EcoCREDIT token deflationary in nature. EcoCREDIT token holders will have a stake in any franchised application supported by EcoCREDIT directly, making it a powerful tool for gaining exposure to the growing EcoCREDIT sustainable ecosystem.

The first franchised application for EcoCREDIT, Ecolands, is a great example of how sustainable applicaitons can use the EcoCREDIT token to incentivize their communities. You can learn more about Ecolands further below in this Gitbook.

To learn more:

EcoCREDIT x Infinite Launch

EcoCREDIT excitedly announces our collaboration with Infinite Launch, one of the industry’s most well-recognized and supported launchpads. Boasting around 150,000 individual members on social media, the Infinite Launch community has a strong reputation for supporting projects well beyond their IDO. This culture of long-term support will aid EcoCREDIT as we scale the fight against climate change. By facilitating access to an empirically verifiable ESG initiative, EcoCREDIT benefits the Infinite Launch community by enabling climate action and proving their commitment to sustainability.

IDO Information: EcoCREDIT is excited to announce that they’ll be partnering with Infinite Launch as an IDO launchpad partner! The upcoming EcoCREDIT token sale on January 25th 2022 represents a powerful opportunity for investors to stake their claim in the growing ecological revolution.

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

Through implementing its innovative allocation system, Infinite Launch established itself as one of the leading Launchpads.