CYBERPOP - An Open-World UGC Blockchain Metaverse Game Combined with Exploration, Combat and X-To-Earn is ready to be launched on Infinite Launch

CYBERPOP - An Open-World UGC Blockchain Metaverse Game Combined with Exploration, Combat and X-To-Earn is ready to be launched on Infinite Launch

Cyberpop Metaverse: A UGC Metaverse adventure built on the Ethereum, where you can explore the diverse cyberspaces from different areas, searching for mysterious digital artifacts and creatures.

Cyberpop is the world's first open world MMO-RPG metaverse game with cyber style. Cyberpop Metaverse is created by a top technical team whose members are from Ubisoft and is officially authorized by "Prince of Persia". It leads the GameFi industry to the age of AAA games.

Overview of Cyberpop:

Cyberpop New World (CPW) is a 3D MMO-ARPG with a AAA quality  presentation, providing a feast for your eyes and senses. At the starting point of the  journey, players will enter a near-future society filled with highly developed digital and  biological technologies. As the foundation of this world, we have integrated popular  features and visual aesthetics of Cyberpop.

Unlike Cyberpunk, this world leaves players feeling adventurous, positive and ¬†hopeful. Therefore, we call it Cyberpop instead of Cyberpunk. Players will have a ¬†virtual identity in CPW. They can explore, combat, socialize and even create the world. ¬†It's not just a Cyberpop world, but also a real world. The reason why this world is real ¬†lies in its Metagame elements: the whole game is trying to break the fourth wall. For ¬†example, all NPCs in CPW allow players to live out their fantasies. Therefore, players ¬†can act out all kinds of fantasies and become whoever they want to be in the world of ¬†CPW. Players can explore many different cyberspaces which are all connected in CPW, ¬†from the desolate Wasteland to the MagicPunk with the visual aesthetics of "Dune‚ÄĚ. We ¬†have prepared infinite possibilities for players who want to experience a different life ¬†in another reality.

Key Highlights of Cyberpop:

‚Äč‚ÄčYou Can Be Nobody Or Somebody In Different Cyberspace

By teleporting into different cyberspaces, players will become different NFT characters belonging to this space. You can explore the secrets of the place to create your own personality and accumulate assets. You can also compete with players within the place or team up with them.

Make Cyberspace Your Own The NFT Made By You

Through advanced collapse algorithms, Cyberpop supports the generation of UGC NFT. The security of chain protocols effectively ensures multi-player battles and the development of cybercities. Our cybercities are functional for asset production right now and new assets are being added.

Cyber New World Has Launched Three Maps Of The Open World

Testing of the game will be available in February, and tokens and NFT-related assets that players care about will also be open in January, as the launch of three open world maps, viable methods of generating revenue and entertainment will also be introduced.

  • CyberPop P2E Game

CyberPop is not only a P2E game, but also a real large-scale 3A chain game focusing on playability, composability and security protocols.

CyberPop is developed by a professional team, the core members of which are from Ubisoft, Tencent and other leading game companies, creating the game with elaborate production and a world view of alternative universe. The smooth operation of the 3A high-quality game for mobile client users will be highly comfortable, much like playing PS4.

  • Game Designs

This game integrates various designs of the open world to bring players to participate in and expand the project. At the same time, the game also takes rogue like elements as one of its most common gameplays, providing players with an enchanting replay ability and rich experience in creating characters.

The team attaches great importance to UGC, believing that the future of metaverse games relies on the content produced by players. Therefore, in its plan, a new world of cyber will be established by the team and players together.

  • Virtual Space

Just imagine that there is a virtual earth and let's turn it into a whole virtual space. Players can travel through time and space to clear stages, create their own cyberspace and upload it to the world.

Besides, they can design or challenge other players' cyberspace. In this way, players can have a glimpse of the sensory environments displayed in Ready Player One through this demo.

Game Play

Cyberpop have a game loop to let players set a goal in different  stages. In the initial stage, players can buy a character NFT and a weapon NFT. Later  on in the game, players will get new NFTs. These NFTs are important for combats  including PVP and creating players’ own cyberspace in the virtual world. Let’s explain  more concepts below.

  • Training

You must choose a character, equip it with a weapon, and load it with a variable  number of support cards (we highly recommend a full load) to start a round of  training.  In a round of training, you can travel through different time zones and spaces.  Different levels mean different challenges and rewards, etc. players will experience  different level content in each round of training.  The training gameplay looks like an ARPG version of Pretty Derby. Players  can shape their characters based on the unique experience in the cyperspace. If  players do think they build a very good character, they can build the character into  a NFT to sell in the market. We call it Character Parallel Simulation.

  • Arenas

Character Parallel Simulation can participate in arenas to challenge levels. We  give UGC resources in limited numbers in arenas. The UGC resources are NFTs  which can also be traded by players.  Players can also receive a character card based on the rewards they get after  finishing the rounds of an arena in a higher level. And this character card will be  useful to create an army to fight in the virtual world created by players and  developers

  • Cyber cities

The UGC resources can be used to build the virtual world. A city built by  players is also a NFT . They can upload their cities to our virtual world. Different locations have different hashrates in the virtual world, which means different  productivities. players can also fight other cities with their armies and DAO support.

Core team:

Investors, Backers & Advisors:


NFT is an important asset in the game. In order to make players' NFT more valuable, we need to let players' NFT circulate. Therefore, we designed multiple NFT pools, allowing players to put NFT into different pools to generate revenues according to their own needs. At the same time, we're going to open up the NFT renting system. In the future, we will design NFT's financial derivatives and integrate them with the gameplay to realize its highest value.

‚öę Characters ¬†

Characters can be obtained by opening blind boxes (or so-called treasure  boxes), and repeatedly obtained characters will be automatically converted into  corresponding character fragments.  By consuming character fragments, players can increase their character's card  rating, earn assignable attribute points and unlock unique passive skills.

‚öę Weapons ¬†

Weapons can also be obtained by opening blind boxes. players can increase  the weapon star rating and its base value by consuming weapon fragments. Weapon  Cards are rare. The rarer the weapon cards are, the higher is their ability.  

‚öę Support card

Support cards are obtained by drawing blind boxes or challenging a game level.  Repeatedly obtained support cards will be automatically converted into  corresponding support card fragments.  Players can increase the cards’ star ratings, basic stats and skill effects by  consuming support card fragments. The rarer the support card is , the bigger is the  effect of its skills.  

‚öęBuild Simulation ¬†

In the training period, players will build a unique Character Parallel Simulation  by challenging different levels to obtain the following contents.  

‚ÄĘCharacter attribute points ¬†

Players can improve characters’ abilities and build up their experience and  attributes.  Equipment  

‚ÄĘRandom affix values to build up characters‚Äô attributes. ¬†

Weapons are also equipments, which can be upgraded in the game.

‚ÄĘ Support cards ¬†

Unlock or upgrade the initially loaded support card.  

‚ÄĘ Rings ¬†

Powerful passive effects, combine them for stronger synergies.  

‚ÄĘ Skill ¬†

Unleash brilliant and powerful skills with simple input.

‚ÄĘ Inscription ¬†

Unlock hidden abilities of skills.

NFT Utilities

When the game's main network is launched, NFT holders will be airdropped 1~3 game NFT characters

When the game is online, the buyers can use this NFT to exchange the hero character of the main network on our official website

Giveaway NFT The Sand of Time for all NFT buyers (1 Genesis Hero for 1 The Sand of Time). The Sand of Time freeminting can be performed, and the sand of time can be traversed and practiced in the game

According to the list of creation heroes, NFT buyers can participate in the internal test of the game

Give priority to the occasional airdrop of game activity gifts

INO Time:

  • 2PM UTC, June 16th
  • NFT Name:Genesis Heroes
  • INO Pool size: 1.000 Heroes
  • Price Per NFT: 49 BUSD
  • Whitelist Campaign: June 9th - 15th

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