Bullieverse – Another successful project of Infinite Launch, whose ROI ATH has reached its peak since IDO

Bullieverse – Another successful project of Infinite Launch, whose ROI ATH has reached its peak since IDO

On February 17th, Bullieverse completed a successful IDO on Infinite Launch far beyond the expectation with $100,000 tokens sold out. The ATH ROI of $BULL token peaked up to 4 times after listing on Infinite Launch, Kucoin and Huobi.

On March 9th, token $BULL was introduced on Kucoin and Houbi, reaching 0.18 BUSD, 4 times as much as its IDO price (0.05 BUSD). The participants in the Whitelist have earned a "rich" profit as the $BULL token rose unexpectedly. This milestone is attributed to the support from Infinite Launch, KuCoin, and Huobi.

There have been many factors contributing to the launch of IDO and the triumph of Bulliverse in the stock market, in which the support of “The Incubator” Infinite Launch is undeniable. A reputable, experienced, and leading incubator LaunchPad platform has provided Bullieverse with all the essential marketing and development tools to make an IDO launch a success. It can be seen that most of the projects fostered by Infinite Launch have witnessed a spectacular victory. Take ROI ATH of token $BGS (Battle of Guardians) as an example, it has reached its peak at 7 times as much as its original price and ROI ATH of $ARV (Artemis Vision) has soared up to 45.6x times or that of $WAL (The Wasted Lands) has hit 13 times. Next, the support from Huobi and KuCoin - the major cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong helped Bullieverse make a breakthrough.

Bullieverse is a very promising gaming ecosystem and open-world metaverse for players and content creators. The project aspires to provide an enchanting entertainment playground for Web3 citizens with equal Play-and-Earn opportunities with a completely transparent monetization mechanism. Bullieverse completed the IDO on Infinite Launch and amazingly, the token was sold out within a couple of minutes launched with the number up to $100,000. Prior to that, Bullieverse's Whitelist attendance was huge with the number of entries was up to 102271 players, which proves an expectation to win a huge IDO slot and a potential upside opportunity.

Let’s find more information about Bullieverse (BULL) here

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The Galaxy Blitz: Infinite Launch project is the official strategic partner of Galaxy Blitz and supports the project during the upcoming IDO day.

• Token name: Galaxy Blitz

• Token: $MIT

• Token Type: BSC

• IDO Time: 2pm UTC, March 20th , 2022

• IDO Pool Size: $100,000

• Token price: $1

• Vesting schedule: 20% unlocked at TGE, then 20% monthly distribution.