Artemis reach a new ATH - Outstanding performance after listing on Uniswap

Artemis reach a new ATH - Outstanding performance after listing on Uniswap

On February 17th  2022, Artemis token went over x45.6 after listing on Uniswap. The participants in the Whitelist & Infinite Launch's investors received their profits multiplied by the unexpected increase in the $ARV Token.

It can be noticed as the explosion of a token received the humbling support from the community before. Artemis token achieved impressive gains when reaching $36.48, it means $ARV increased 45.6 times compared to the IDO price.

With such an achievement, ARV became the top 1 trending pair on after 15 minutes on that day. Despite bad market situation, $ARV still maintains its price gaining more 5.2 times than IDO price at this time. This makes the ARV token so promising and a fertile piece of cake that investors are pouring money into.

Artemis Vision is a decentralized NFT-based social media marketplace that brings together musicians, artists, and enthusiasts across the globe, enabling them to mint, buy, or sell NFTs under a single roof. This is the world’s first NFT music royalties and distribution platform that supports VR 360 concert and AR 3D assets. Artemis Vision is positioned to be the best virtual space to buy digital assets and display them on your metaverse social media profile and more.

Artemis Vision are born to deliver the first-ever Social Media NFT Metaverse. With a multiple times oversubscribed seed sale and interest from some of the world’s leading investors, Artemis Visions decided to leap into the next big step in the music industry. The whitelisting started for Artemis Vision’s IDO on Infinite Launch. IDO had commenced on January 21st, 2022.That was the most anticipated event in the NFT space that allows music and NFT enthusiasts to become a part of the Artemis Vision community.

After the ARV token sale commencement, the recent times for Artemis Vision have been a wild ride, creating many expectations amidst the crypto enthusiasts. This is one of the most successful IDO projects on Infinite Launch. Investors of ILA tokens already own ARV tokens at the same price like Whielist users without relying on luck. If you are looking for a bright investment opportunity like Artemis Vision, do not hesitate to join and own ILA token right now.

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About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a multi-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

Through implementing its innovative allocation system, Infinite Launch established itself as one of the leading Launchpads.

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Infinite Launch is thrilled to announce our IDO partnership with:

  • Colizeum: Colizeum empowers game developers to build and benefit from blockchain games simpler than ever before with easy to use Colizeum SDK.  Colizeum is a virtual Play to Earn driven environment that, similar to Steam, hosts various games and other applications, thereby creating the general outline of a user funnel. Colizeum offers connectivity to the blockchain based infrastructure for (a) Play-to-Earn, (b) Prediction Markets, (c) Tokenized, Tournaments, (d) Attention Marketplace. Colizeum IDO, confirmed to take place on February 28, 2022. Join Gleam to have a whitelist slot at:

Total IDO slot value is $20.000.

  • Galaxy Blitz: GalaxyBlitz is a massive multiplayer Play-To-Earn combat strategy blockchain game that values playing experience, together with the Play2Earn function, it combines the use of real-world, usable tokens with high-octane gameplay and extensive history and lore for a unique player experience.