X Rush - A casual Gamefi project powered by Unity 3D engine is set to be explode on Infinite Launch

X Rush - A casual Gamefi project powered by Unity 3D engine
is set to be explode on Infinite Launch

Overview of X Rush

X Rush is a casual play-to-earn game designed to provide users with a fun gaming experience by racing & shooting in multiple metaverses. Users can collect their favorite racers and customize racing cars to compete with other players on the leaderboard.

X Rush aims to form a great gaming community, letting players not only enjoy the fun of the game but also be a part of it, contribute, and of course, earn the game token $ XOX.

The game will be deployed on the Kucoin Community Chain first and then expand to other promising chains. X Rush is also compatible with web3 wallets such as MetaMask, TP Wallet & Trust wallet, which will be used to accept transactions and pay for gas fees. All players’ assets will be displayed in the game, and all the game data will be put on the chain in real-time.

X Rush is the first P2E casual game produced by Penta Studio, a game-centric company for mobile games. In the future, Penta Studio will continue to make a variety of P2E casual games. The goal is to create a P2E casual-themed mobile game platform for users to download their favorite games for free.

Key Highlights of  X Rush

Game items: These are crucial parts of X Rush, each plays a vital role in the game. There are 4 main types of game items, players need to require them for in-game rewards:

  • 10,000 Limited X Racer NFT
  • 50+ Exotic X Cars
  • X Box (Mystery Box)
  • X Racer

In-game Rights

X Racer non-fungible tokens are hand-drawn by the illustrators behind the iconic 2009 multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends (“League” or LoL).

Every racer represents a customized character with an exclusive combination of headwear, glasses, accessories, outfits, races, genders, and so on.

  • X Car

Let's race!

X Cars are NFTs minted on the Kucoin Community Chain for game playing, it can also be customized and upgraded in the game app.

After obtaining a certain number of Tokens, players can buy X Car or open X Car mystery boxes in the app (Price: 2999 Tokens). Players who hold an X Racer can also directly mint X Car mystery boxes by paying USDT.

  • X Box

X Box is the mystery box of X Rush; In the game app, players can pay a certain amount of USDT (X Racer holder) or 2999 tokens to get an X Box, which contains a random X Car from Lv.1 - Lv.6.

  • X Energy

X Energy represents the times players can play in the game.

The system will automatically zero out the X Energy of each X Car at 00:00:00 UTC every day, and at the same time will update to a fixed X Energy of 3.

X Car that has been scrapped will not have their X Energy renewed; Each X Car can be played as long as it has 1 X Energy. Energy points can be purchased in-game via Tokens (1 X Energy = 30 Tokens), and an X Car without energy points cannot be played again that day.

X Rush uses high-tech physical effects which bring a surreal feel to your touch and move at your fingertips. Expertise your skills to win!

Two types of game modes are offered:

  • PVE

Stock your garage with the real-world cars you’ve always wanted, from top manufacturers such more. Then trick them out with the hottest customization system on mobile.

When you're ready, choose your favorite X Car to fight in the metaverses.

Expertise your speed, show ingenuity in avoiding, destroying the obstacles, fight and kill the Boss and become a Legend of the Metaverse.

  • PVP (Coming soon)

PVP Mode is a crucial part of the game development roadmap of X Rush.

X Rush will first launch the leaderboard competition for worldwide players to compete together, and the multi-player match system is now under development, which according to the roadmap, will be released by Q3 2022.
Core Team:

The X Rush team includes top-tier professionals in the sphere of blockchain-based gaming, cryptocurrencies and business development. X Rush Co-founder and CMO M. Berkan Sönmez, seasoned gaming and crypto expert with over five years of experience, is fascinated by the passion and skills of his team:

Every X Rush Team member is highly experienced in his/her own expertise. Many of them are former managers of Binance, TokenPocket Wallet and well-known gaming organizations, and we have been working together for quite a few years.

Investor, Backers & Advisors:



XOX is the incentive Token of the project, which is also the governance Token. The total amount of XOX is 1 Billion. Most of the tokens will be used as in-game rewards for players.

$ XOX Distribution

Seed Round - 2% - 20,000,000
The initial lockout period is for 3 months, followed by a linear unlocking over 18 months.

  • Private Round - 3% - 30,000,000
    The initial lockout period is for 3 months, followed by a linear unlocking over 12 months.
  • Initial Token Liquidity - 1.3% - 13,000,000
    XOX will be listed on top-tier CEX and DEX.
  • X Racer NFT Passive Income - 5% -50,000,000
    Holders of X Racers will receive 50 Tokens per day, with the passive income halved every 50 days.
  • In-game Earnings - 53.7% - 537,000,000
    Users can play the game and earn according to the rules of the game.
  • PoS Community Mining - 10% - 100,000,000
    Participate in the PoS community mining and choose to receive X Car blind boxes or Token rewards.
  • Marketing Treasury - 5% - 50,000,000
    Used for overall marketing promotion.
  • Team - 10% - 100,000,000
    The initial lockout period is for 3 months, followed by linear unlocking over 18 months.
  • Multichain Fund - 10% - 100,000,000


  • Purchase X Box (Mystery Box);
  • Purchase Game items, such as X Cars, X Energy, and so on;
  • In-game X Car upgrade & customization;
  • Exchange & trade on CEX & DEX;
  • Join community mining;
  • Get special campaign passes.


  • X Rush Co-governance on Snap-shot;
  • Potential in-game item airdrops;

To learn more:

Players may find all the latest info on the following platform:

IDO Time: April 20th 2022

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