Top 5 feature highlights A-Z about LaunchPad every investors should know

Top 5 feature highlights A-Z about LaunchPad every investors should know

LaunchPad is regarded as the latest investment trend of the year 2021, but which one is the most worthwhile? Here are 5 characteristics to identify the best “hidden gem” platform that you cannot miss out

1. Cooperation with potential IDOs

Cryptocurrency investment is neither easy nor getting you rich off it overnight. However, if you are able to pick the right project and join the potential IDOs, you can still make a fortune. As a general rule, a best Launchpad is always to partner with prospective IDOs to increase growth rate and ensure much publicity in the industry.

2. Professional backers system and big marketing group

One of the factors to assess the potential and reduce risk for LaunchPads is the presence of good backers, to ensure the project's bankability in the following rounds. What’s more, working with reputable media partners is another advantage to build customer trust and loyalty for that LaunchPad platform. Almost no scam schemes will show off publicly on major newspapers, because editors will make sure that the text is at a high standard before publication.

3.  Investors and projects protection

A decent Launchpad always does the best to mitigate Pump-and-Dump schemes in order to protect projects on its own platform. Infinite Launch is exactly one of those that have proposed a mechanism to put it into practice. Infinite Launch ($ILA) has just introduced one-of-a-kind innovation named Diamond-Hand mechanism (a vesting and locking mechanism), which boosts investors’ trust and offers them a guaranteed access to their IDO projects' allocation and become genuine holders in the Crypto market. Besides, Infinite Launch will be a valuable source of support for its early-stage projects.

4. Growth opportunity for potential crypto projects

A new cryptocurrency conventionally needs a lot of time to develop, or at least got supported by a promising marketing team before being introduced to investors. However, this does not mean there is no pump-and-dump that has a negative impact on its long-term reputation. Nonetheless, a potential cryptocurrency on Launchpad is an exception as its founders always prioritize their responsibility for protecting both projects and holders, gaining customers’ trustworthiness and thriving in the long run.

5. Strong and enthusiastic development team

An experienced team, having worked at domestic and foreign corporations, with a clear profile will be the most prominent point attracting many investors. No matter how praised by the media, it cannot be as meaningful as the dedication and understanding of what has been done by the founding team. That is a very bright plus for a great LaunchPad project that any investor should pay attention to.

Hopefully, the above information will be useful for  you to have an overview of LaunchPad and easily choose the right project for long-term investment.