Realms of Ethernity - The First AAA-Grade Game is set to explode on Infinite Launch

Realms of Ethernity - The First AAA-Grade Game is set to explode on Infinite Launch

Realms of Ethernity (ROE) is a massively multiplayer online simulation game (MMOSG), a World of Warcraft inspired virtual world filled with hundreds of play-to-earn games where developers and players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using $RETH, the main utility & governance token of the platform. ROE is being developed by Blue Monster Games, which is a blockchain-focused game studio founded in early 2021.

Built on Polygon, RoE is both an exciting virtual world of loot, land and PvP battles, as well as a "meta-metaverse" incorporating many other games into its rich ecosystem. The game is powered by the RETH governance token, which enables the community to take the reins of the project.

Overview of Ethernity

Inside Realms of Ethernity, players will explore dungeons, fight monsters and complete quests, collecting along the way Gold Coins (GC), an in-game currency that represents fungible tokens that can be exchanged for existing or newly minted non-fungible tokens (items within the game). When exchanged, GCs are burned and the existing NFTs are transferred to the new owners wallet, or a new NFT is minted.

More than just a game, RoE are built to be the operative system for web3 gaming; a platform like Steam or the PS and Xbox networks, where players own and control character avatars (their virtual world identities). Each avatar will have a universal wallet (persistent inventory) where they hold of all the in-game currencies and NFTs (collectibles, weapons, armor, special artifacts, consumables...) that they’ve earned over the course of their various adventures in the Realms of Ethernity.

Behind the ROE platform is a powerful tailor-made layer 2 solution: Ethernity Engine. This project aims to re-write the very definition of play to earn by providing programmers with a fully malleable virtual world in which they can obtain virtual land and build digital economies. They will be able to create any kind of crypto game within it, and profit from their creation by offering their very own NFTs. For players, RoE provides a vibrant environment full of possibilities - an ever-expanding tapestry of games in which they can enjoy the revolutionary dynamics of play-to-earn like never before.

Realms of Ethernity has raised $5 million in pre-sale. They used funds to build 50+ person game design team in Vietnam (called WildThunder Studios), which is a subsidiary of our company, and build a 20+ person full-stack developer team in India - Started game development (as can be seen on our YouTube), and are well underway. Realms of Ethernity has Launched a teaser trailer (showing some of the game lore), as well as a set of NFTs on OpenSea which offer some awesome in-game advantages, but for a steep price.

Key Highlights of Ethernity

  • Ethernity Engine

Ethernity Engine is a layer two (L2) scaling solution for Multiple Class Fungible Token (MCFT) on Ethereum, with instant trading, massive scalability and zero gas fees for minting and trading, all without compromising user or asset security. The Ethernity Network supports over 9000 transactions per second

  • Multiple Class Fungible Token (MCFT)
  • Game Engine
  • Wallets

Genesis NFTs - 1st Edition Digital Holographic Cards

An epic collection of collectible NFTs will soon be released by the Realms of Ethernity DAO. These priceless cards will not only be valuable pieces of art available on OpenSea, but also powerful items available in-game via redemption once RoE goes live.

Limited Edition physical collector cards

The holders of these legendary 1st edition NFTs will be able to forge them into physical trading cards completely for free.

The Realms of Ethernity Token - $RETH

Disrupt the existing platforms like Steam and the PS and Xbox networks by providing creators true ownership of their creations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding their participation with our utility token – $RETH.

The RETH token is the native ERC20 utility token of Realms of Ethernity, which users can earn by staking to access the liquidity mining program.

RETH will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 44 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is set to 21,000,000 $RETH - 21% of the total supply.‌

The above chart illustrates the maximum possible issuance of $RETH over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 100,000,000.

Core Team

ROE is being developed by Blue Monster Games, which is a blockchain-focused game studio founded in early 2021.

  • Joseph Rubin - Co-founder & CEO

An American internet entrepreneur with experience in engineering, biotechnology, and financial technology. A strong believer that NFTs are the future of the gaming industry.

  • Sumit Chitroda - CTO

Computer Scientist with expertise in systems development, fintech, and deep learning. An avid gamer, crypto investor, and developer with years of experience in blockchain applications.

  • Roshan Vadassery - CPO

A product development specialist with 5+ years building platforms and services with agile teams, with a background in entrepreneurship and creating user-friendly consumer applications.

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About Blue Monster Games:

Blue Monster Games Inc. is a Florida-based corporation dedicated to the development of video games utilizing NFT technology. These gaming projects are based on a play-to-earn model, meaning that players have the opportunity to earn money in-game.

Blue Monster is the maker of Kart Racing League, which features 3D NFT characters that can be used to play a kart racing game, earning rewards for every race they win. The team is also working on a number of different projects that will be announced over the coming months.

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Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

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