Never ever been so easy to get an IDO allocation on Infinite Launch

Never ever been so easy to get an IDO allocation on Infinite Launch

Are you casting around for a good opportunity to take part in IDO at a desirable price? You do not have to queue for being listed in the Whitelist so harshly. Here are three highlight points to be in IDO in a secure and straightforward way.

  1. $ILA tokens are being sold at an impressive price

The more $ILA the investors own at a certain Tier level, the easier it is for you to attain an IDO (allocation) slot partnering with each project on the platform and be guaranteed available tokens at the best cost, whereas it seems like a bit of a lottery to retain your favourable project’s tokens in other Launchpads entirely due to your luck.

“What is the ILA token used for?” is always questioned by many investors. It depends on dissimilar pictures:

• Join IDO: $ILA is used to stimulate the participation in IDO on Infinite Launch.

• Governance: Used for voting and deciding on the next IDO mechanisms and products.

• Staking: Get governance rewards and participation rewards.

• Liquidity Mining: Get rewarded with fees and tokens based on their share.

• NFT Club Membership: $ILA holders will receive NFTs from Infinite Launch partners' projects.

• Deflation mechanism: Burn every 1% of each transaction, and 2% of the transaction in the NFT pool.

Having experienced the price adjustment, $ILA token is standing at an extremely attractive price which is a great time for investors to allow themselves new investment opportunities.

Own $ILA token and achieve a high Tier rank to gain the opportunity of receiving allocation to attend potential IDOs, the investors can know more at: With only 4000 $ILA, you can win the Bronze Tier level. Currently, Infinite Launch has increased the number of allocation tokens for members listed high on a tier list, namely Gold ILA Tier and Platinum ILA Tier with unique benefits. The allocation division will help investors buy a larger number of tokens at an attractive IDO purchasing price.

2. Hot upcoming IDO projects launched on launchpad this February

According to Lunar New Year, first month of the year is often considered relaxation, but for Infinite Launch, this time is the prime time when all hot projects with awe-inspiring groups of backers are being prepared for their appearance in the market, such as Bullieverse, Gravis Finance, Colizeum, Galaxy Blitz, etc., promising to accelerate new values and renovations, and keep enhancing the greatest benefits for ILA Tier members. Successfully, tokens from big 5 major projects on Infinite Launch, including Battle of Guardians, Realms of Ethernity, Arenum, Artemis Vision and EcoCredit,  have been completely sold out since the official launch.

In the upcoming time, Bullieverse and Colizeum will be the next two "warriors" preparing to join the war. Founded in 2021 by a team of individuals with extensive experience spanning mobile game development, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, Colizeum builds a set of tools that lets any traditional game developer to broaden their game monetisation methods by implementing tokenized games modes and Play-2-Earn economy in their existing and future games and at the same time to unlocking new gaming markets. The Colizeum team is also behind the leading mobile game development studio Beetroot Labs and the award-winning Android and iOS game Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

Equally, Bullieverse is a very promising gaming ecosystem and open-world metaverse for players and content creators. The project aspires to provide an enchanting entertainment playground for Web3 citizens with equal Play-and-Earn opportunities with a completely transparent monetization mechanism.

3. Greatly potential Market Cap

Successful listing projects accompanied with impressive price growth and ILA's current Market Cap of less than 3 million USD will be an opportunity for prospective capitals poured into projects available on this Launchpad. Previously, $ILA impressed and guaranteed the investors at first sight with exceptional backers such as: Basics Capital, Everse Capital, Maven Capital, Kangaroo Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors,etc.

In addition, Infinite Launch has integrated with a variety of wallets such as Fantom, Solflare, C98, Slope Wallet to make it easier for holders to invest in IDO than before.

With all above potential features mentioned, ILA is like a "hidden gem" that investors cannot miss out.