Momentibles - The promising pioneer of the entertainment metaverse ready to be released on Infinite Launch

Momentibles - The promising pioneer of the entertainment metaverse ready to be released on Infinite Launch

Have access to artists and celebrities like never before, gain exclusive content through the ownership of NFTs and other assets backed by your favorite artists. Grow your fandom and interact with celebrities in the metaverse.

Fans have been looking for modern and innovative ways to support their favorite artists. In a metaverse built on blockchain technology, it’ll be possible to do just that — both securely and in a fraction of the time.

Combining the virtual world with NFTs and blockchain technology, Momentibles is an artist-fan interaction platform bringing all forms of entertainment into the metaverse. Built on the Polygon network, our decentralized platform will empower users to have full control over experiences and moments shared in a virtual world. Artists are encouraged to collaborate and create content with fans in a community-driven ecosystem centered around user experience.

Momentibles aims to be the pioneer of the entertainment metaverse, designed to bridge the gap between fans and artists.

Overview of Momentibles

Momentibles is the first-ever entertainment metaverse created to empower fans and artists by bridging them and creating unforgettable moments together. Fans can build, create and monetize from experiences within and Artists can create, organize and interact with fans across the globe. Our mission is simple, “to bring all fans into the open metaverse”.

Key Highlights of Momentibles:

  • Founding team with 10+years of entertainment experience and network
  • Backed by real celebrities and companies
  • Celebrity NFT releases with real life use-cases
  • Web3 Marketplace utilizing $MNM, native token
  • Open metaverse to release end of 2022 and onboard celebrities and corporates, native currency of metaverse being $MNM
  • Let players create own avatars, games and experiences.
  • Celebrities/Influencers to host its own experiences for the fans/players

Phase 1 — Asset Offerings

Artist NFT collectibles: For every highlight of an artists’ career, fans have always been there with them. Now, they’ll have the opportunity to become the sole owners of those highlights in form of NFT collectibles. Our goal is to capture and transfer the excitement of a given moment, from a live stage to a digital collectible. Buy and trade with others in the community to curate your very own collection.

Generative Art/PFP: Currently under development, algorithm-generated art of celebrities will be have various number of mints from 1/1 to 10,000, ready to be traded on the marketplace.

Land: Players will have priority access to land offerings in the metaverse during the presale period in this phase. There will be some prerequisites to land acquisition, such as owning Artist NFT Collectibles. In Phase 2, players will use their land to build digital experiences and occupy it with assets to generate real revenue opportunities.

Assets: In-game-specific assets such as clothing, furniture, and limited edition theme packs will be offered to encourage customization within the metaverse. We’ll be dropping collaborative pieces with iconic artists and luxury brands.

Marketplace: An exchange center for NFTs, LANDs, and other in-game assets, buying, selling, and trading will be a seamless process. Take advantage of our “free swap” feature, which eliminates transaction fees when trades are made between friends. Auction-style sales can also be placed for those rarer, more exclusive moments.

Phase 2 — Momentibles Metaverse

Personal Avatars: Players can create 3D avatars that are the spitting image of themselves. Customize a virtual lookalike using AR technology offered through the Momentibles Studio. Players can also opt to create an entirely new persona to explore and express their creativity.

Play-to-earn: Users will be rewarded for their participation within the metaverse with exciting financial incentives (i.e $MNM, our utility token) using a daily, life-logging and quest system.

Open World: Players can roam freely between different cities and the kingdom to become explore and become a part of any community.

Momentibles Studio: Developers can easily integrate their blockchain games into Momentibles. With access to your visual scripting toolbox, build your own games, events, and items to enhance the community and generate revenue.

Momentibles Kingdom & Fan.Cities (LANDs)

The Momentibles metaverse is comprised of two major divisions of LAND: the “Momentibles Kingdom” and “Fan.Cities”. The Kingdom serves as the main entity, housing larger venues, and interactive features. Shopping centers, NFT galleries, event centers, and activity zones for entertainment events (such as live concerts) are just a few of the things that are waiting to be discovered in the Kingdom.

Interactions with Celebrities

With the world around us constantly evolving, celebrities and influencers are looking for new ways to interact and engage with their fans.

Here are some concepts we’ve been developing:

Event Centers: Artists and verified users can create events to engage directly with their fans. Participate in live dancing, drawing, and karaoke classes, or scheduled meetups with artists. Polling stations for in-person voting can also be arranged for Billboard charts and other music awards. Backed by blockchain technology, voting fraud, and chart manipulations are effectively eliminated.

Activity Zones: Engage in mini-game activities with artists and other fans, and earn rewards for your participation. These can range from quizzes to city-wide marathons.

Game World: Through the Momentibles Studio, artists will have the tools and creative freedom necessary to design games that perfectly complement their personal brand and target audience. Fans have the opportunity to compete with or against celebrities in interactive games.

Live Concerts: Relive past performances or attend new ones, live in the virtual world and in the comfort of your own home. Fill up the concert venue, dance along to the music, and chat with others in the crowd.

Personalized content: Receive personal birthday messages, hop on private video calls, or join private channels open to the most loyal, dedicated fans.

Investors, Advisors, Backers:

Momentum 6, Shima Captial, Vendetta Capital, HG Ventures, Supra Oracle, Illuvium, X21, IBC, AU21, Lavender, Good Games Guild, Zen Capital, DNR Labs, Maple Block and more angel investors including celebrities

Core Team:

  • Yong Baek - CEO - 10+years of experience in the entertainment industry with vast network and personal relationships with top celebrities
  • Ryan Huang - CTO - Ex linked-in senior engineer with passion in blockchain industry
  • Jun Qiu - COO - Vast network in both entertainment and financial world especially in the Asian market.
  • Jay Lee - Producer, worked on Marvel movies and various Korean films/drama
  • Wilson Hyunh - Creative Director and NFT enthusiasts:

Token: The $MNM token

The Momentibles metaverse will be powered by the $MNM utility token. Using DeFi protocols, players, creators, and developers will use $MNM to exchange assets and land in the ecosystem. In-game assets generated by players will be created using a smart contract interface that tracks individual token ownership and ensures the scarcity of non-fungible items within the metaverse.

We’ll be rewarding participation using $MNM, which in turn can be used to complete various functions throughout the metaverse.

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