LaunchPad – A sustainable investment trend in Crypto market

LaunchPad – A sustainable investment trend in Crypto market

In the world of NFTs, Gamefi is taking the digital market by storm, attracting a generous number of new investors ending up with both losses and good returns. Thus, the appearance of LaunchPad, a fundraising platform for first-rate projects, is considered as a breath of fresh air that brings trust to users, especially useful for professional investors and amateur ones who have just broken into the market.

Crypto LaunchPads, also known as crypto incubators, are platforms that allow blockchain-based projects to raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for their group of investors. Over the last few years, Binance LaunchPad, TrustSwap, Polka Starter, etc have been gaining much publicity. Binance LaunchPad is unquestionably regarded as the first launchpad platform to build investors’ confidence with various impressive projects like Polygon and Axie Infinity right from the start they were released. Until now, the two platforms combined have distributed $143 million in total tokens to both buyers on Launchpad and crypto farmers on Launchpool.

Membership as LaunchPad gives investors the opportunities to purchase Tokens with the cheapest price before being launched to the market (IDO). At the same time, the IDO projects in LaunchPad are thoroughly researched by the founding team for their applicability, business model and long-term development potential, avoiding scam schemes and useful for emerging, less experienced investors in this Crypto Industry. Usually, IDO projects on LaunchPads are investigated  and likely to be listed on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.

Token issuance has been an everlasting and expensive process in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies all the time, requiring long-term investors with extraordinary patience; however, huge profit is all that they deserve. Built and issued on the LaunchPad platform which attracts thousands of investors, the journey to success of their crypto projects must be drastically reduced and more efficiently. Investors do not have to be concerned about the pump-and-dump scheme when a new project is introduced.

Infinite Launch ($ILA) - A LaunchPad platform which has just been launched at the end of November, 2021 is receiving great attention from investors, supporting Gamefi & NFT projects. With a notable backers (Panda Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, NEWTRIBE Capital...), cooperation with potential IDO projects (The Wasted Lands, Bullieverse, Batte of Guardians, Arenum, Galaxy Blitz, Colizeum...) and the Diamond-Hand mechanism (a mechanism for vesting & locken) and Multi-chain system (BSC, Ethereum, Solana, ...), Infinite Launch promises to be a place to build a strong network of holders and grow strongly over time regardless of its late appearance. Despite operating under the LaunchPad mechanism, a new point in this project is definitely that Infinite Launch fairly distributes initial token issuances to investors in Membership Tiers, ie investors do not need to worry about "lottery" waiting for the next opportunity to absolutely receive the IDO Token they want in the appropriate amount based on the amount of $ILA coins they own.

Hopefully, the above information will provide you with an overview of LaunchPad and easily choose the right project for long-term investment.