Kyte.One - The building tools for the future of blockchain are prepared to debut on Infinite Launch

Kyte.One - The building tools for the future of blockchain are prepared to debut on Infinite Launch

Kyte Research builds innovative decentralized apps never seen before in the blockchain world. Our flagship product AirLyft is a one-of-its kind marketing platform for crypto projects.

Overview of Kyte.One

At Kyte.One, we are building a suite of multichain DAPPS where each of our product is targeting a specific problem in the blockchain world. Our flagship product is AirLyft ( which we are going on mainnet with. AirLyft is a one-stop growth hacking platform for all DeFi and GameFi projects, irrespective of the blockchain ecosystem they belong to.

In the current blockchain world, the marketing activities for crypto are a bot-fest & this ultimately causes huge losses to startups & the community alike. Events like airdrops are raided by bots and there is an unfair distribution of prizes that ultimately diminishes all interest of participants in these giveaways. In addition to this, there is currently no option for rewarding users on dynamic activities that are being performed by the users on the organization's website, causing lesser and lesser conversions, and hence most of the users liquidate their tokens. In short, there is currently no easy option for achieving dynamic engagement via marketing methodologies and having legit participation in the blockchain world.

This is the problem we are trying to solve with our flagship product, AirLyft which aims to provide a one-stop solution for all the growth hacking needs for a crypto startup where each organization can create an event and let AirLyft do the maximum for them. It will be a platform where startups can:

  • Organize and Run customized events on social channels & their own apps.
  • Distribute Rewards on-chain.
  • Boost Project instantaneously.
  • Organize infinite Giveaways, Quizzes, and Competitions.
  • Integrate their SMART CONTRACTS for dynamic rewards.
  • Generate UGC through a content creation module.
  • Protect their giveaways from spam and bots using AI.
  • Create multiple Reward Pools for guaranteed distributions.
  • Explore the website to search for newer projects
  • Explore & search for events.
  • Host AMAs and streamline the process on a single page.
  • Remove switching between platforms with our social channel integrations.
  • Create Email funnels, User Retention Funnel, Marketing Funnel for more conversions.
  • Get IN-DEPTH Analytics for understanding the project better.

By the time an event is completed, our apps will help projects get dynamic engagement from your community (totally BOT FREE) & reward them in KTE or their own native tokens. Be it Airdrops, Giveaways, Quizzes, Competitions - AirLyft provides a seamless experience. We are certain that this unified growth hacking platform is going to change the face of how marketing events are currently organized in the blockchain world.

Key Highlights of  Kyte.One

Our Products

The Kyte family of products provide versatile tools to take back control of your finances from the hands of centralized, opaque systems.

  • AirLyft

Build, Scale, & Engage Communities

AirLyft is a crypto-first growth platform built for Web3.0 - integrate our specialized apps to grow your outreach, integrate smart contracts, create bot-free giveaways with tokens, NFTs, coupons etc. as prizes.

  • Predictly

Crypto Prediction Market

Participate in the high yield market by predicting the future value of assets through our advanced platform. Kyte provides traders unparalleled access to new decentralized crypto and derivatives prediction markets.

  • Bot Battles

Harness the Kyte bot blockchain to power a new era of financial bots. Build and deploy futuristic Grid/AI bots that maximize returns through trading with dummy currency pairs. Traders can bet using Kyte tokens on bots they think will outperform.

  • Bot as a Service

Non custodial platform for developing, operating and using bots. The perfect decentralized bot marketplace with battle tested, open source, financial bots that can be hired for a fee. Developed on the Kyte blockchain specifically built for this purpose.

Core Team:

  • Surya Singh is the Co-Founder of Kyte.One and also holds the position of CTO at Kyte.One. With a master's in data science from an elite institution, he has over 10+ years of experience in the development world, designing architecture, and is very technically sound. He was also the Founder of canUmeet which is a revenue-generating appointment scheduling platform.
  • Rachit Magon is also the Co-Founder at Kyte.One and has over 8 years of development experience where he has worked with scaling different products. An awesome full stack developer and was the founder of Smooper prior to starting Kyte.One!
  • Chandra Bhushan Singh is the Co-Founder at Kyte.One and heads the product, operations, and investor relations end at Kyte.One. Has experience of 7 years in the corporate industry and moved from development to product management. He was also the co-founder of canUmeet which is a revenue-generating appointment scheduling platform.
  • Investor, Backers & Advisors:

Investors: MXC Exchange, Titans Capitals, ExNetwork Capital, Colony Labs, Maven Capital, Alves Ventures, Kangaroo Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Oracle Investment Group, Plan B Ventures, MyAsia VC, Halvings Capital


The Kyte Ecosystem has four tokens, and they create a truly circular economy without restricting the access to the platform in any way.

  • KTE Token

This is the main token for the ecosystem that can be spend, traded on DEX/CEXs. KTE is an ERC20 utility token, meaning that it can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. KTE’s token model has a total token supply of 50M.

  • Utility Token (uKTE) - ERC20

The uKTE is a transferrable, fungible token that represents the proof of hold.

uKTE is required to access the features of the platform

uKTE cannot be spent, they can only be used within the Kyte ecosystem.

  • Tenancy Token (tToken) - ERC721

These tokens are minted to the initiator of the borrower payment, they hold the lease expiration time along with other details.

  • Liquidity Provider Token (lpToken) - ERC721

This token is minted to the liquidity provider (HODLers) as proof of liquidity, they can use this token to re-claim the staked KTE from the liquidity pool. While they hold this token, they also keep getting a revenue share from the borrowed uKTE

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IDO Time: April 18th 2022

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a multi-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

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