Karmaverse - A gaming multiverse with an ambition to bring GameFi to the biggest game economics

Karmaverse - A gaming multiverse with an ambition to bring GameFi to the biggest game economics

Overview of Karmaverse

Have you thought of playing games and earning in the large scale SLG Metaverse simultaneously? The Karmaverse is certainly just for you.

Karmaverse is a gamefi multiverse, containing multiple metaverses such as Karmaverse Zombie, Fantasy World, Old West, Cyberpunk and others. It is created by the team behind two of the top 10 SLG games in the mobile gaming history. Karmaverse is launching the first large scale blockchain SLG game with a combination of play-to-earn and play-for-fun in the game world - Karmaverse Zombie. Players - known as karmanauts - can use NFTs to transfer assets between games or sell them to other players.

As a team with a history of producing successful SLGs and other casual games, The Core Team have prepared four independent game universes at launch. New game universes are under constant development!

Each universe within the Karmaverse has its own complete game world, with a unique art style, history, narrative, characters, music, and maps. At the same time, The Core Team also want to build the tools that enable players to build their own worlds within the metaverse, allowing anyone in the world to add their own creations and stories to the Karmaverse.

Key Highlights of Karmaverse

1. A large scale blockchain SLG game backed by an experienced team who developed ‘King of Avalon’ and ‘Guns of Glory’, with a proven track record of developing traditional SLG games ($2B revenue and 5M MAUs), with over 40 game developers working on it.

2. Carefully designed and dynamic tokenomics with a dual token system including Karma token and sub token in each game world.

3. A combination of Play to win & Earn for fun that offers gamers easy access to play with limited in-game purchase, to optimize gaming experience with 2 to 3.5 hours gameplay daily compared to 30 minutes gameplay in most of existing blockchain games.

4. Unique land sales compared to Sandbox: lands are modeled with geographical features for players to interact with, such as farming, fishing, collecting resources, etc.

5. Special guild system and clan wars: players can acquire lands to be a territory owner or a clan leader, recruiting members from communities and fight against other clans for substantial rewards.

6. There are a variety of playful features such as different social-ecological roles and storylines in each game world creating a longer lifespan.

7. Positive progress: the first game world Karmaverse Zombie is launching in March. The full SLG game is launching in Q3 2022. The team has completed art design for four-game worlds.

8. Backed by Tier 1 VCs including A&T Capital, Hashkey Capital, Foresight Ventures, YGG SEA, IVC, NFX, OKex Blockstream Fund, GSR, Krypital Group, etc.

9. Built partnerships with top gaming guilds including Unix Gaming, Avocado Guilds, Ola.gg, PathDAO, YGG SEA, Liberty guilds and others.

Core Team:

Founded by an experienced and well-rounded team, Karmaverse was created by designers behind two global top 10 simulated life games (SLG), King of Avalon and Guns of Glory, which generated $2 billion of revenue and have 5 million monthly active users.

Scott Chueng is an NFT specialist, participated in 3 NFT/GameFi projects built on BSC and Ethereum, a co-founder of aWSB community and co-founder of Defina.finance. Defina has a $5M market cap (as of 1st. Dec 2021) and $FINA reached a maximum return of over 7700% from seed rounds. The core team has a great combination of traditional gaming and blockchain gaming.

Investors, Backers & Advisors: A&T, Foresight Ventures, Cao Zhen (Republic Partner), OKEx Blockdream Ventures, NFX, Mindfulness Capital, GSR, HashKey Capital, Fundamental Labs, L2Y, Altonomy, Yield Guild Games South East Asia, IVC, and TPS Capital.

Game: Karmaverse Zombie

Karmaverse Zombie is a blockchain-based NFT social game that focuses on the struggle for survival and domination in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutants.

After the spread of a virus intended to nearly eradicate humanity, zombies and mutants have spread across the Earth. Surviving humans have trained themselves to become fighters, banding together for survival in shelters and working to gradually eliminate the zombie threat.

  • Back to Basics: The value and purpose of NFTs: Player avatars, hundreds of fighter cards with hundreds of millions of customization possibilities, and rare mutated forms ensure every NFT in Zombie Apocalypse is unique, with plenty of rare tokens for players to create and discover. The uniqueness and rarity will help establish the same verticality seen in NFT art markets, allowing the NFTs in GameFi to realize the original value and purpose of NFTs.
  • Rich Gameplay: This project uses exciting battles and building and operating a home base as the two core gameplay modes, each generating resources for the other in a proven gameplay loop that has captivated mobile gamers for years, showing how GameFi and mobile gaming can enhance and bring new life to each other.
  • Sustainable In-Game Economy: It should be noted that our economic model is based on years of experience with mobile SLG games and crypto-asset trading. We are confident that sustainability will not come at the price of increased risk, as the tools and systems in place are well-tested and understood.

Karma Marketplace

Players can trade our NFTs and Tokens in a unified market that connects the entire Karmaverse.

The marketplace allows you to sell, auction, and buy NFTs and Tokens from other players, including tokens with limited availability that cannot be generated over time.

Not only is acquiring or selling in-game assets easy, but you can make money as you game!

  • Avatar NFT:

Player Avatars are a public NFT within the KARMAVERSE. They can be used in any game, or any in-game universe, with players able to freely create, edit, and trade avatars.

  • Token:Tokens can be used and traded across the entire KARMAVERSE, and all in-game resources and transactions can be conducted with this NFT.
  • Token symbol: $KNOT
  • Total Supply: 210,000,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 3,600,000
  • Initial Market Cap: $1,800,000
  • Contribution Network: Polygon
  • Token Price: $0.5
  • Main IDO Pool: $140.000
  • Vesting Schedule: 50% at TGE, 50% at next month

Proposed Values

  • $KNOT will have key utilities within each game world, such as minting a new NFT by consuming a $KNOT
  • $KNOT will be the settlement currency in Karma Marketplace.
  • $KNOT will be used for launching a new game world (User created worlds).
  • $KNOT will be used for governance and voting.
  • $KNOT will be used for liquidity mining.
  • $KNOT will be integrated into P2E mechanics in the game.
  • $KNOT will be implied in Defi system in Karmaverse roadmap in the future. For instance, users can borrow against $KNOT.

To learn more about Karmaverse:

  • Official links: https://karmaverse.io/
  • Telegram:https://t.me/karmaverseofficial
  • Twitter:https://twitter.com/Karmaverse_io
  • Discord:https://discord.gg/d6FVbRr3r8
  • Medium:https://medium.com/@karmaverse.io
  • Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.karmaverse.io/
  • Pitchdeck: https://docsend.com/view/a8umcd44h3s4skjh

IDO Information: Infinite Launch is delighted to host the IDO of Karmaverse at 2PM UTC on March 7th. Karmaverse is a GameFi project with the concept of parallel universes originating from Marvel comics.

✅  IDO project: Karmaverse

✅  AMA Date: 1PM UTC, March 5th

✅  IDO Date on Infinite Launch: 2PM UTC, March 7th

✅  IDO Pool Size: $150.000

✅  Join Whitelist for the project at: https://gleam.io/ANypa/karmaverse-5000-ido-allocation-giveaway

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