Gravis Finance - Gamified DeFi ecosystem is to be launched on Infinite Launch

Gravis Finance - Gamified DeFi ecosystem is to be launched on Infinite Launch

Blockchain technology was born in 2009 and can make a very strong impact on people’s lives. The development of various protocols spawned a great number of possibilities and also a great number of challenges. Ethereum, being such a popular protocol, suffers from scalability and transaction fees problems. Cosmos and Polka Dot designed for cross-chain exchange are still not fully developed yet. Existing protocols can be compared to a group of computers not connected to each other. Each of them has its own activity, but they don’t know about their neighbors.

Further evolution of blockchain depends highly on the creation and development of decentralized applications which will enable cross-chain swaps.

Gravis Finance, being a multi-chain platform, allows users not only to make swaps inside each of several networks but between the networks as well.

The play-to-earn model popularized by Axie Infinity gave an opportunity to make money to a vast number of people. The next generation of blockchain games should have more advanced graphics and storyline but still be profitable to gamers. We created an Evervoid game (formerly (A)steroid Mining) based on the principles above.

Gravis Finance -  “We gamify blockchain”


Gravis Finance is a Defi ecosystem that focuses on NFT. It includes: multi chacross-chain bridge, High Yield Auto-farming and NFT Gamification. We make simple and easy to use products for daily DeFi earning with the most transparent mechanisms built on Blockchain. By collaborating with a large number of well-known projects and drawing on the best practices of modern blockchain, Gravis Finance brings user-friendly tools to interact with the latest DeFi products. Our mission is to enable any user to get affordable tools to provide basic income, regardless of initial capital. The Play to Earn elements allow us to bring this mission to life as much as possible.

Gravis Finance uses the Multi-chain and Cross-chain philosophy that allows players to receive valuable GRVX tokens on various Blockchain networks (Polygon and Binance Smart Chain). A simple bridge between different blockchains avoids high commissions, and smart farming technology increases the profits received compared to other projects.Evervoid (formerly (A)steroid Mining) is a revolutionary gamified High Yield NFT farming.

Key Highlights of Gravis Finance

  • Play-to-Earn model: Multi-chain marketplace
  • Multi-chain marketplace: High-than-average yields are ensured by the market analysis and smart contract administration
  • Well-defined tokenomics: High-than-average yields are ensured by the market analysis and smart contract administration
  • Beautiful graphics and captivating gameplay: Our NFTs are compatible with OpenSea and our own GMart NFT Marketplace, and can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC networks. Since some NFTs are much rarer than others their price can skyrocket on the secondary market.

The Token:

​​Two tokens:

GRVS for governance and GRVX for utility

  • GRVS: Premium in-game assets can be bought only for GRVS.
  • Metaverse land sale for GRVS: Lower commissions on internal NFT marketplae
  • GRVX: Evervoid players are able to use GRVX to purchase in-game assets. Up to 75% of total supply is collateralized by stable coins. GRVX is a token with unlimited supply with a starting price set at $0.001 and with a huge growth potential. The GRVX token will be used to generate income from farming and to reward our fellow gamers. Also, it could be used to buy the loot boxes at a later stage, when enough GRVX is mined and is in free circulation. More than that, piles of GRVX will be offered as a trophy to the Clan Wars winners. GRVX will have many more uses both in (A)steroid Mining and in our other projects like Gravis Farming, Gravis Autofarming, Planck Hub cross-chain Bridge, liquidity migration, and so on. It will be tradable for any other asset on our DEX with enough liquidity in the pair provided by us from the loot box sales and other income sources.

Gravis.Finance is a project aimed at the community. Therefore, we are making the first round of token distribution for the community. At an early stage, few people believe in projects, but those who believe deserve to receive the biggest bonuses in the future. The allocation size is limited by 690 000 GRVS and the first round is open to all users.

The second feature of Big Bang Round is the sale of NFTs, with which the buyer farms GRVS tokens. These NFTs can be sold on the internal trading post if you decide you do not want to farm. Besides the fixed number of GRVS tokens, the user will receive an additional bonus, which depends on the card value. If you are patient, then you will get an additional bonus.

NFT Card Types and GRVS Farming

There are three pools of NFT tokens on the Big Bang Round: Believer, Advocate, and Evangelist. We sell NFT tokens for the Binance Smart Chain stablecoins — BUSD, USDT, USDC. The cost of the NFT: ‘Believer’ — 500,’ Advocate’ — 1000, ‘ Evangelist’ — 2000.

The number of tokens that the user will receive and bonuses are shown in the table below.

Core Team: The core team consists of: 20 Experienced Developers (working full-time), 12 Business team members (full time working)

Investors, backers & advisors:  Moonwhale Ventures- Angel Round, Koinsaati, LifeBydesign, OGs, TCCL, GemMouse Capital, AE Crypto, DCI, NextZ , Cruptus.

Gravis Finance's smart contracts have been successfully verified by Chainsulting's independent experts.

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About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

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