Endless Battlefield - “The Land For Smart Money” is set to launch on Infinite Launch

Endless Battlefield -  “The Land For Smart Money” is set to launch on Infinite Launch

Overview of Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield, abbreviated as EB, is a military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse built on Unreal Engine. Using planets as the map, it provides multiple modes to fulfill the needs of different players such as collection module, hunting and fishing module, face-squeezing module, building module.

The game supports intensive FPS/TPS modes which allows competitive players to enjoy the experience of galloping over the battlefield and conquering the military points. The Metaverse also creates immersive environments for casual players, allowing them to harvest, mine, lumber, fish, hunt and craft tools.It also includes various FPS competitive game play methods to satisfy competitive players.Aiming to build a rich and entertaining metaverse, EB also introduces unique Alliance System, Construction System, Homeland System and Trading System.

Endless Battlefield is composed by three chapters: the Modern War, based on the competition for earth resources, the Future War based on the expansion of mankind trough the galaxy, in a race to get space resources, and the Ark War based on survival exploration.

Key Highlights of Endless Battlefield

✅  The fastest developing FPS game.

✅  Beta game is already on Steam. And the on chain game will launch around TGE.

✅  Game live on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1795880/Endless_Battlefield/

Game Features

  • Enormous Sandbox Environment: Sandbox is built on planet level which allows players to freely experience the world and acting as a virtual citizen. Various entertainments and exciting war plays are available among large scale of players.
  • Fictional Universe: Construct a world based on the theme of resource competition, humanity, and persistence of conflicts. Provide immersive experience for players to form alliances and fight for scarce resources.
  • Planet Metaverse: Players can simultaneously cooperate with alliances to build homeland, military base and barbican for living, entertaining, and waging war in this metaverse.
  • First Person/Third Person Shooting: Players may switch between First Person and Third Person view during the combat. Aiming and shooting skills are competitive advantages to survive in the battle field.
  • Life Skills: Various resource collection methods such as harvesting, timbering, fishing, mining, hunting, etc are open to players to further explore.
  • Gamefi NFT: Rewards will be allocated to active players through the distribution of NFT and token. Weapon, vehicle and loots will be tradable as NFTs to greatly boost the circulation of game assets.

Core Team:

  • LM | Founder

Founder of the EB project, in-depth contact with the blockchain field since 2014. Decentralized thinking,early evangelist of blockchain.Early participants of ETH and early participation in the construction of the technology community; served as the founder of the LinkManage project in 2018; served as a director of Mingshi Fund in 2018;served as the CTO of a consortium chain company in China.

  • TOM | Game Designer

EB project main program, worked for 7 years in NetEase, Mihayou,etc., served as the main game development of the game, worked for Ubisoft China Game Company and participated in the development of Far Cry game. In total, he has nearly 11 years of rich experience in first-line game development.

  • BR | Game Developer

Worked at NetEase Interactive Entertainment Company for 7 years. He has served in game server-side research and development,scene research and development,etc.,and has in-depth understanding of game research and development and rich experience in game research and development.

  • SILBERT | Blockchain Architect

An early evangelist of blockchain,once worded as a technical leader and PM of a first-line Internet company,has a lot of in-depth research on blockchain products,and has full-stack R&D capabilities.

  • STEVEN | Head of Investment Negotiations and Operations:

Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam,second major in International Relations. Graduated with a master's degree in political economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.Served as a researcher in the investment research department of China Securities, and later joined the blockchain industry and joined the endless battlefield project in August this year. He was responsible for part of the investment negotiations with institutional and individual investors,and was deeply involved in project operations.

  • IVY | Marketing Manager

Bachelor of Business Administration from University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. Specialized in global digital marketing, cross-culture marketing and social media marketing strategy. Joined blockchain industry and worked with over 10 crypto companies since 2018. Currently focus on planning, coordination, and implementation of all marketing activities and community events for Endless battlefield.

Investors, Backers & Advisors: LD Capital, JackalVC, DCI, Everest Ventures Group, Vesperstine Capital, Criterion VC, AVG, Weehodl, Legion Capital, Path Dao, Eagles Gaze Guild, AHA Capital, Girnas Capital HashVerse Capital, Panda Capital, Kenzo Ventures, Zephyrus Capital, Hodl Capital, CB Capital Crypto boost, BCA, AAD venture, Alpha hunt, …..


Dual-Token Economy: Endless Battlefield offers two tokens, EB and EBC, both of which are served as incentives to users for playing the game.

EB is the governance token with a maximum supply of 1 billion.  EB token provides values to the EB ecosystem where holders can participate in community governance and voting to influence major decisions such as emission rate and reward allocation quantity. There are several ways to acquire EB: directly purchasing from DEX, selling NFTs, challenging world boss and collecting main city taxes.

EBC Token is a sub-coin of the EB project, with an initial total of hundreds of thousands (used for early airdrop distribution), with no upper limit. As the main output and consumption in the game, EBC is used as ticket consumption and winning reward in the competitive mode, and as a consumable for purchasing potions and casting technology NFT in the planetary mode to participate in the circulation of various links in the game.

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IDO Information

✅  IDO date: February 25th 2022

✅  On chain Game launch: Early March

✅  Game live on Steam:


✅Join Whitelist for the project at:


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