Drapia - A turn-based strategy game inspired by Dragon Mania Legends is ready to explode on Infinite Launch

Drapia - A turn-based strategy game inspired by Dragon Mania Legends is ready to explode on Infinite Launch

Overview of Drapia

Drapia is a turn-based strategy game inspired by Dragon Mania Legends, Dragon Mobile City, the core of Drapia is the unique Dragon NFTs. Players will accompany those NFTs on their journey across Neverland, participate in battles across continents and receive valuable rewards.

With turn-based tactical gameplay, Drapia enhances the game's tactics through the arrangement of squads and the ability of Dragons to coordinate. Besides, with the Breeding designed mechanism, players are provided with a diverse and massive Dragon system.

We wanted to develop the Dragonverse game universe with a core turn-based strategy game. In Drapia, players will take the role of Dragon Trainers, who will raise the dragon from a Baby Dragon to an Adult Dragon (Matured). Dragons in Drapia will be trained in skills such as jumping/flying/attacking through challenges in the mini-plays provided by the game publisher.

Key Highlights of Drapia

Gameplay Overview

Drapia offers players a variety of gameplay with a focus on turn-based strategy games. Players will take the role of Dragon Trainers to nurture and train their dragons through small game modules with many different ways to play (gameplay) before forming the strongest dragon team to participate in battles across the continent of Neverland.

Core: Turn-based strategy

  • Dragon Squad: Each player needs at least 3 dragons to be able to fight. A dragon team can have up to 5 dragons. At the beginning of the battle, each player has 9 squares to arrange their dragon squad to suit their personal strategy.
  • Tactics: The arrangement of the squad has a great influence on the outcome of the battle. Drapia Dragons have many different attributes with certain incompatibilities (check the properties section). Therefore, Dragons in Drapia can have the role of Defense/Attack or both. This forces players to think strategically when arranging the squad to optimize their ability to win.
  • Battle Mode (Auto/Manual): When participating in the gameplay, players can completely control the dragon to attack the dragon on purpose or use Auto mode. In Auto mode, the computer system will control the dragon to attack randomly.

Game Modules

In the process of training the Dragons, players will participate in Mini Games to receive rewards as well as accumulate experience for dragons. At the same time, these mini-games will be updated by the Dev team and we call this strategy Modular Gaming.

Drapia Mini games include:

  • The Amazing Race (Endless Race)
  • The Feeding Game (Casual)
  • First Lesson - Fire (Shooting)

The list of Mini Games will be updated and developed from time to time.

Core Team

  • Nguyen Khac Tu - Chief Executive Officer. Mr Tú

CTO of TTC Solutions has more than 15 years of experience in software development and 5+ years of experience in the blockchain industry. Mr. Tu is the leader in building hundreds of projects such as Ad Micro Analytics, My Viettel, etc.

  • Dang Thanh Tam - Chief Product Officer

Mr. Tam has more than 15 years of experience in game development and is a leader in the development of many popular games at Gameloft such as Dragon Mania Legends, N.O.V.A, Little Big City, etc.

  • Le Hong Son - Head of Creative

Mr. Son has over 10+ years in Lead Game Products and is one of the key people in building products like Zingplay, ZingFarm, Zingme, etc.

  • Dinh Trong Long - Head of Blockchain

Technical Leader at TTC Solutions, participate in VinID development, and Lead Architect of a Server system for 2 Korean game projects HandbeGo and CoronaPanic.

Investor, Backers & Advisors:


DMV is the governance token of Drapia. The use cases of DMV include, but not limited to:

  • Staking to vote in DAO Component and receive staking rewards (valuable items in the game, DMV or in-game token)
  • Pay for in-game activities like Breeding/Evolving/Fragmentation
  • Pay entry fee when participating in special levels in the game
  • Use as collateral to rent NFT from game publisher

RAPI is Drapia's in-game token and is used as the main currency on the game's Marketplace. Players can earn RAPI through completing levels in the game or participating in PVP mode. Use cases of RAPI tokens include, but not limited to:

  • Pay for in-game activities like Breeding/Evolving/Fragmentation
  • Buy/sell items through Marketplace
  • Pay Staking fee (depending on period)

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