DefiYield - The Safest And Most Accessible DeFi Yield Farming Ecosystem is set to debut on Infinite Launch

DefiYield - The Safest And Most Accessible DeFi Yield Farming Ecosystem is set to debut on Infinite Launch

Overview of DeFiYield

Since launching in August 2021, DefiYield App has already grown to over $3.5 billion in total user assets connected to the website, over 400.000 monthly views and a quarterly growth rate in excess of 100%.

DeFiYield is the first cross-chain decentralized security network fulfilling the goal of making the DeFi space safer for everyone by developing the fully automated smart contract security scanner and the unique crypto asset management dashboard that brings together high effectiveness and safety of DeFi investments. Moreover, DeFiYield performs comprehensive smart contract security audits, encourages projects to solve their security problems, shares knowledge with the community, and warns users about DeFi risks they are exposed to.

The fundamental principle of DeFiYield when developing all products and services is assuring decentralization. Thus, the project relies on decentralized governance and aims to decentralize all the data it provides: results generated by the automated smart contract scanner, the SCW registry and historical DeFi data. The information is subject to decentralized verification performed by a distributed system of Indexers - node operators on DeFiYield Chain.

Besides, DeFiYield authored that is based on the personal experience in yield farming. It explains all the main DeFi concepts needed to start a successful journey in the industry, and shows advantages and risks to be aware of.

DeFiYield’ Dashboard - the Most Secure Investing Dashboard DeFiYield has built the unique investment dashboard pursuing the all-in-one approach allowing users to track investment opportunities, watch performance metrics of their crypto portfolios including P&L, impermanent loss and farming rewards, relocate funds across different projects and blockchains along with being protected with the built in alerting system that informs about approvals for malicious Dapps, having backdoors, infinite minting or other security issues exposing user funds to risks.

Key Highlights of DeFiYield:

💎 $DEFI - Manage Your DeFi Life

Our two revolutionary tools provide ease, security, and confidence when investing.

💎Asset Management Dashboard (🔥 already live on 16 EVM chains + non - EVM Solana, Terra, soon - Cosmos) View Your Portfolio Performance like a Pro. Including assets, positions, Profit and Loss, Impermanent loss Calculator, Pools overview & others.

💎 World's First X-Ray Smart Contract Vulnerability Scanner. Audit any Smart Contract within 1 click in a few seconds. Find out the risk of a project-smart contract before investing in it, without having to rely on an auditor paid by the project itself.

The DEFIYIELD dashboard has the perfect combination of asset management and risk management tools to help you succeed and stay safe in DeFi. It enables you to:

  • Track investment opportunities,
  • Monitor performance metrics including Profit & Loss, Impermanent Loss and Farming Rewards.
  • Allocate and reallocate funds across different projects and blockchains.
  • Stay protected with the Approvals Analyzer, which informs you of approvals for malicious Dapps that contain backdoors, infinite minting and other security issues.

Core Team:

DeFiYield was founded by experienced yield farmers and for yield farmers. We have been investing in DeFi since the very beginning of the industry development and with our own funds. Thus, we know what difficulties and risks every community member is exposed to and what is needed to succeed in this highly innovative and fast changing environment.

The DeFiYield team has been working hard for over a year, having an already-live product with around 500.000 Total Visit Monthly on the website. The DeFiYield founders have invested themselves over $1.5m for the first year of development without any external funding! The DeFiYield founders have written the Best Selling Book: "The Wall Street Era is Over".

DeFiYield pioneered in providing independent smart contract security audits. Our first audits were conducted in July 2020, shortly after the yield farming industry boomed, bringing impressive return opportunities for users.

Investors, Backers & Advisors: Investors include top crypto funds like Defiance Capital & Fenbushi, top exchanges like Huobi & OKEX Dreamventures, & leading project founders like Kain from SNX & Stephen Tse from Harmony.

HUOBI was one of the investors into DeFiYield and we had preliminary call with them regarding listing on Primelist same with OKEx and Bit2me, pretty much all exchanges that invested in us offered listing.
The dashboard is designed to be compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot and all non-EVM-compatible chains.

The DEFI token:

$DEFI is an ERC20 token with fixed total supply that is planned to be limited to 1 billion tokens. The token distribution is designed to be multi-chain: $DEFI will be present on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche.

$DEFI holders can participate in the decentralized verification delegating their stakes to Indexers. Rewards for performing and validating scanning results are then split between Indexers and deligators.

The central utilization purpose of the token is implementation of an on-chain governance system, which is a key element of decentralized protocols. Being fully community oriented, DeFiYield enables users to make strategic decisions on the project’s development.

Owners of the token are able to delegate their voting rights. When the token balance of a $DEFI holder changes, their voting rights are adjusted proportionally. Voting rights of delegates are adjusted automatically as well.

Token distribution:

  • The total supply of DEFI is going to be distributed for:
  • Project Treasury Reserves - 12%
  • Seed Round - 10%
  • Strategic Investors - 8%
  • Community - 15%
  • Development Reserve / Team - 15%
  • Community & Development Grants - 7%
  • Incentives for Liquidity Providers - 20%
  • Early Adopters / Supporters - 3%
  • Marketing Budget - 10%

To learn more about DeFiYield:

Private Sale Information:

Time: 2PM UTC, March 14th 2022

Token symbol: DEFI

Token price: 0.24 BUSD

Vesting schedule: Daily linear unlock for 9 months starting from the TGE

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a multi-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its mission is to create a decentralized and convenient platform for unique crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve.

Through implementing its innovative allocation system, Infinite Launch established itself as one of the leading Launchpads.