COLIZEUM - Blockchain-Based Mobile Gaming Esports Ecosystem Coming Soon On Infinite Launch

COLIZEUM - Blockchain-Based Mobile Gaming Esports Ecosystem Coming Soon On Infinite Launch

COLIZEUM - Unlocking Monetization Opportunities for Mobile Gaming

Being in the mobile game industry for 8+ years now, we know the main pain points for the game developers. Blockchain has come as a blessing that game developers can finally monetize. Colizeum empowers game developers to build and benefit from blockchain games simpler than ever before with easy to use Colizeum SDK.

With all the major development happening in the world of crypto gaming, it’s crucial to stay informed and recognize projects with the biggest potential for your mobile game development company. One of such is Colizeum — the key to swiftly unlocking new monetization opportunities for mobile game developers everywhere.

Overview of Colizeum

Colizeum, a creator of a set of blockchain tools for mobile game developers, has raised an $8.4 million seed investment. The round was led by Deribit, SevenX Ventures, Axia8, LD Capital, Genblock Capital, and ZBS Capital, the company says on its Medium blog. Colizeum was founded in 2021 by Davis Ziedins and Edgars Vecozolins, the founders of Latvian mobile game developer Beetroot Lab.

Colizeum is a virtual Play to Earn driven environment that, similar to Steam, hosts various games and other applications, thereby creating the general outline of a user funnel. Colizeum offers connectivity to the blockchain based infrastructure for (a) Play-to-Earn, (b) Prediction Markets, (c) Tokenized, Tournaments, (d) Attention Marketplace, all as a service, all with one-click deploy, all on-chain and transparent, designed to empower influencers and game developers to fully benefit from the value they generate without middlemen, uncertainties and opaque payout schemes.

Colizeum SDK is a frictionless shortcut for mobile game developers to implement tokenised game modes and Play-To-Earn economy without prior knowledge in blockchain development. Game developers will be able to add tokenised game mode monetization on top of their existing (traditional) monetization or build blockchain native games.

A player can earn while playing using single game currency ($ZEUM token) in vast selection of mobile games from top game developers. Easy, convenient & interoperable for both — the player and developer.  Ability to earn from mobile phone (Most of p2e games are desktop based)

The last point to notice here is that in its heart Colizeum is gamer-centric. We derive our inspiration from the global flourishing gaming communities. Having community as our key value, we offer gamers new ways of benefiting from their gaming hard skills, their attention, their community and reach.

Key Highlights of Colizeum:

Colizeum Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow regular game developers to build blockchain games simpler than ever. It removes the complexity and cost of hiring blockchain developer teams and allows game developers on what matters the most - building amazing game experiences. Colizeum SDK will support Unity 3d game engine and other popular game engines in the future.

Colizeum will take off together with its pilot project "Dystopia: Contest of Heroes” mobile strategy game and its massive worldwide tournament hosted by UFC legend Conor McGregor. In Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, you start the game as a rebel who finds a location for his base in a post-apocalyptic future world where society is ruled by big corporations. You have to build an empire by taking over New York while collecting sci-fi themed gear, raid other players and upgrade base.


  • Play-to-earn: Colizeum revolutionizes how developers benefit from their games while allowing players to earn — at the same time, it allows players and the community to reward developers directly just by playing their games.
  • Attention marketplace: The core of the Colizeum ecosystem, the in-store and in-app attention marketplace, is a tokenized vehicle for direct monetization of gamers attention. Everything is on-chain, transparent, automated and permissionless.
  • Prediction markets: Built a top of the Colizeum Tournaments as a Service core, Prediction Markets are a direct extension of it offer users the chance to bid on the outcome of a tournament or more subtle in-game events.
  • Tournaments: As a Service, Colizeum Tournament as a Service is a set of smart contracts SDKs, and graphical interfaces enabling anyone to create and monetize tournaments for games present in Colizeum Game Store.

Core Team

Fintech, gaming and crypto professionals have joined together to work on Colizeum. Team led by Beetroot Lab founders Edgars and Davis attracted well known crypto industry experts with experience in launching many successful projects globally:

  • Gatis Eglitis, co-founder of the first Bitcoin Fund, the most profitable investment vehicle in the history of humanity, Co-founder of XAI - first altcoin index fund listed on NASDAQ and Defix - First decentralized finance index fund listed on NASDAQ. Gatis also cofounded brokerage company Exante and was an early supporter and seed investor of Chilliz and Amoveo open-source blockchain platform for financial markets and derivative contracts.
  • Denis Voskvitsov -- CEO and founder of — R&D company in the blockchain space, specializing in custody and wallet services Jose Rodrigues, Editor-in-Chief, -- Jose manages the editorial team of the international media about cryptocurrencies and financial markets.

Colizeum’s team of 35+ game developers with more than 8 years of experience, and a strong team of blockchain developers have conducted heaps of research in the last months regarding the SDK behind the scenes. A project of this scale requires significant time and effort to research and develop, and the work done so far is already enormous. The team is continuing to work on the SDK, mastering the rapidly growing industry of crypto gaming and making the best of it along the way.

Investor, Backers & Advisors:

TPS Capital, Momentum 6, DWeb3, X21 Digital, Profluent Ventures, Good Games Guild, CRT Capital, AU21 Capital, Pluto Digital, Basics Capital, and Tokenomik.

ZEUM token purpose is to provide a decentralised blockchain-based gaming solution. The team behind Colizeum have identified a slew of systemic inefficiencies, which can be addressed by offering a decentralised software development kit (SDK), giving back the power to game developers.

The ZEUM token is offered through a private access on the Fintelum tokenisation platform, pursuant to KYC and AML requirements and project offering documentation. The private strategic sale is offered in three pricing tiers (USDC 0.072 – 0.073 – 0.074) until ZEUM 50,000,000 tokens are sold or the maximum of USDC 3,475,000 equivalent is collected.

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What’s next, when is IDO?

.. Colizeum IDO, confirmed to take place on February 28, 2022.

The first public Beta SDK will be released in Q2, 2022, and the Colizeum marketplace being introduced into the world in Q3, 2022.

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