BOG - The Infinite Launch's successful debut project achieving ATH with ROI up to 6x

BOG - The Infinite Launch's successful debut project achieving ATH with ROI up to 6x

On January 14, 2022, Battle of Guardians has had a successfully IDO on Infinite Launch with the ROI of $BGS token peaking up to 6 times the initial price.

The project's token is also listed on PancakeSwap resulting in a 6x increase over its original IDO price.  The participants in the Whitelist received their profits multiplied by the unexpected increase in the $BGS Token. The $BGS token is now available on Trust Wallet. Support from Trust Wallet is an important milestone for $BGS.

Battle of Guardians (BOG), as the pioneer of NFT fighting games, will come up with three game modes for players to take part in. The modes include Story (PvE), Arena (PvP) and Bout (PvP). Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in an expansive game world to defeat other players to earn rewards. Additionally, the Solana network supports this new title, which is brought to life with Unreal Engine. Battle of Guardians (BOG) has just declared a cooperation partnership with Good Games Guild, Miracle Gates Entertainment và Big Fire Studios.

Founders of this game aim to develop a dedicated NTF Marketplace where players can easily trade with various NFT assets earned in the game and create a thriving economy.

Battle Of Guardians Initial Dex Offering details:

Infinite Launch will open public sale pools with the following information:

  • Token Type: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • $BGS Contract Address: 0xf339e8c294046e6e7ef6ad4f6fa9e202b59b556b
  • IDO Price: $0.03 BUSD
  • IDO total pool size: $160,000 (5,333,333 $BGS)

Vesting Schedule: 20% unlocked at TGE, then 20% monthly distribution in 4 month

To learn more about Battle of Guardians:

  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Тelegram Ann:
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