Artemis Vision - The world’s first decentralized mobile-focused social NFT platform has launched on Infinite Launch

Artemis Vision - The world’s first decentralized mobile-focused social NFT platform has launched on Infinite Launch

As of 2021, there are 3.96 billion Social Media users around the globe, 92 million artists, musicians, and upcoming musicians. Some have been in the industry for a while, and others who are trying to get discovered. The social media users as well as the global musicians and artists all have one thing in common. They are not getting incentivized for their data or their talent like they should be.

Artemis Vision is an all-in-one marketplace for all of your social media, privacy, NFT, and ad revenue needs. Its vision is to revolutionize the music, art, and social media industry unlike ever before.

Artemis Vision is a decentralized NFT- based social media marketplace that brings together musicians, artists, and enthusiasts across the globe, enabling them to mint, buy, or sell NFTs under a single roof. The project is the world's first NFT music royalties and distribution platform that supports VR 360 concert and AR 3D assets. Artemis Vision is positioned to be the best virtual space to buy digital assets and display them on your metaverse social media profile and more.

Overview of Artemis:

The innovative platform will also allow members to create, collect, and discover NFT’s from all parts of the world. Its vision includes several dimensions. An NFT creation engine running seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks. A decentralized Social Media content marketplace, where creators and collectors interact directly with the ability to monetize ads as well as receive Artemis Tokens. The Creators profile will allow them to choose what smartchain to utilize for sales as well as receive contributions from fans.

Artists and those who enjoy their work will be intrigued by the launch of Artemis Vision, a revolutionary, social media-based NFT marketplace. Through Artemis Vision, displaying your own creations to potentially thousands or even millions of people just got easier, as you can mint your artwork into NFTs without any gas fee. Fans, in turn, can forgo going to the art gallery and instead sit back in their chairs, perusing high-quality digital collectibles, which can be purchased with the click of a button. Whether you are just getting your feet wet with NFTs or are a die-hard fan of a celebrity and want to collect their creations, Artemis Vision is for everyone who is interested in collecting art and digital collectibles.

Musicians can raise money by freely selling their music copyright as NFTs. Creators/Musicians can use Artemis Vision’s social platform to convert every post into revenue. Each blue check Artist gets an exclusive launchpad page with a Metaverse room to meet fans and facilitate NFT sales.

Artemis has submitted its smart contracts and specifications for Certik, and now Artemis becomes certified by the leading audit company.

What sets Artemis Vision apart from the rest?

Current NFT platforms are not offering custom packages and social community accessibility. Artemis Vision will offer an easy to use and friendly backend. The most compelling touch would be love packs, surprise packs and custom portrait NFT’s. Users will be able to send each other custom NFT’s with one of a kind art. The live show feature will allow musicians and artists to showcase their work and sell instantly!

Artemis Vision is making sure the people come first. Users will be able to monetize by utilizing adsense on their profiles. They will reward the top sellers with ARV tokens.

Key Highlights of Artemis:

Powerful Social Platform AI Verified User: Every Creator profile is verified with a digital signature and no one else can create a fake profile to upload your artwork.

Receive access to a VR 360 Concert stream: Don't like feeling crowded? Never miss a concert again! We always have the best seats reserved for you!

NFT Charity Partnerships - Donate your NFT: We have seen an outpouring from NFT creators and platforms wanting to support charitable causes. The first question we get: How can I donate my NFT to charity? In short, we recommend auctioning off your NFT and selecting one of our partnered charities at the time of minting. Most nonprofits aren’t set up to accept an NFT donation directly due to the tax complications with the valuation, before the auction is done. Donating the auction proceeds in crypto is the next best option!

Your Favorite Artist in Augmented Reality NFT's: Be a Super Fan. Carry your favorite artist in your pocket.

Stake to Unlock Access: By staking on your profile, you will gain access to exclusive features, while also being able to earn additional ARV tokens.

Core team

Artemis Vision was co-founded by Dean Kim, its President, and Danny Nunez, its CEO, who says that the beauty of the platform is its ability to bring together creators, collectors, fans, and influencers. “It’s going to be a lot of fun because members will be able to create, discover, and collect NFTs from around the world,” he explains. Members will have a blast with Artemis Vision’s unique features, like live video streamings and 360-degree video that enables fans to watch their favorite celebrity launching their artworks.

  • Danny Nunez - CEO - Founder
  • Dean Kim - President - Founder
  • Michael Gallardo - Community Manager
  • Shahzeb Khan - Block Chain Developer
  • Annamalai V - Content Creator
  • Ilia Maksimenka - Senior Advisor
  • Favour Olulowo - Full Stack Developer
  • Oluwafemi Oyepeju - Full Stack Developer

Investors, Backers & Advisors:

Backers - Tokenova, DCI Capital, Azventures, Chaos Ventures,

Advisors - Ilia Maksimenka from plasma finance

The Artemis Token (ARV)

Token Breakdown

  • Artemis Vision (ARV) ERC-20 - NFT sales
  • Artemis Vision (ARV) BEP-2 - NFT sales
  • Artemis Media (ARM) ERC-1155 - NFT minting

(ARV) ERC-20

  • (70%) 7 Million max total supply. 3.5 million currently minted and in circulation. The remaining will be minted after our bridge is launched.
  • (10.67%) 1.67 Million locked for staking via Trust Swap. This was done to build trust in our community.
  • (4.9%) Partnership Integration.
  • (4%) 400k Marketing and Listing. PR marketing and exchange listing crucial for a successful project.
  • (2%) 200k For Development. As you can see there is no pre-sale. So the community is aware that we are investing in our company.
  • (2.4%) 240k Team/Advisor Lock — Tokens locked via smart contract and released at 20 thousand tokens per month. This is hard coded in our ERC-20 token smart contract.

(ARV) BEP-20

  • (70%) 7 Million Max total supply. 3.5 million currently minted and in circulation. The remaining will be minted after our Bridge is launched.
  • This token is just to allow sellers to utilize the Binance smart chain for lower gas fees. BEP-20 will be used in our Artemis Bridge to make it easier for users to swap between ETH and BSC.

(ARM) ERC-1155

(100%) 10 Million total supply. NFT Token needed to mint into our platform utilized for art, video, and music.

The Artemis Division IDO

With a multiple times oversubscribed seed sale and interest from some of the world’s leading investors, Artemis Vision has decided to leap into the next big step in the music industry. The whitelisting will soon start for Artemis Vision’s IDO on Infinite Launch. IDO will commence on January 21st, 2022.

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