Arenum - The first platform for mobile gaming tournaments on Infinite Launch

Arenum - The first platform for mobile gaming tournaments on Infinite Launch

Online entertainment is now a part of everyday life with a $120B market for mobile games projected to reach $200B by 2025. Mobile games, video streaming and esports markets are seeing extra growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. This market is a home for massively scalable business models with high retention and LTVs. Besides, crypto grows at an ever accelerating pace and is in fact the fastest growing industry today, on track to reach a total market cap of $10 Trillion by 2030. Therefore, Arenum was born. It is bringing it's battle-tested tournaments engine on-chain, capable of matching hundreds of thousands of people across a wide range of video games.

Arenum is not just a game, Arenum is a platform. In the long run, platforms thrive. Arenum is a platform giving the initial infrastructure needed for game developers and gamers. Arenum is above the hit-driven game industry - using successful games as fuel to power the platform’s growth and income.

Arenum is a working product with a proven track record of 2.000.000 registered and 150.000 paying users at Arenum games. Arenum is the evolution of Solanaverse and Web3 gaming infrastructure. Leveraging it's powerful SDKs, Arenum aims to become the Epic Store of Solanaverse that brings together game devs, gamers and influencers.

Overview of Arenum:

Arenum promotes Player-versus-Player tournaments and additionally provides an eSports layer to every game that it is supporting in order to empower developers, gamers and all influencers. The Arenum platform is an encrypted ecosystem where all participants can experience on-chain interoperability in a censorship-resistant environment.

Modern connection with tournament tools will be supplied by the Arenum platform that fully deploys both synchronized and unsynchronized PvP bouts just by a click. Accompanied by NTF-enabled Metaverse, Arenum encourages players to compete against each other in the games they favor to unlock brand new, unique NFTs within their own game.

Key Highlights of Arenum:

  • PvP multiplayer Engine (SDK) for games: PvP multiplayer As a Service is a set of smart contracts and infrastructure enabling any game developer to integrate the game and get leaderboards, tournaments and leagues, metagame, referral and reward system in 1 tool.
  • NFT metagame: Players earn resources through Arenum’s tournaments to get NFT collectible animals, merge them to upgrade and to participate in PvP autobattles with the unique and powerfully army of NFTies.
  • Platform for game developers and influencers: A set of tools from the multiplayer engine allowing the game developers to publish their games standalone and one click deploy tournaments for instant monetization of influencer’s communities.
  • Marketplace: Players use the marketplace for trading and getting rare NFT animals which they can then use for merging and getting to the next level.

Core Team

 Zelenshikov Co-Founder

  • Developed several high performance proprietary rendering engines.
  • 17 years in game development at key positions as a tech lead in Russian and international companies: Digital Element, Novy Disc, Nival, and Obsidian Entertainment.
  • For the last 5 years, he has been leading his own outsource software company specialized in high-performance technical solutions for game rendering, streaming, and VOD.

Eduard Gurinovich Co-Founder

  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • Raised over $90M of venture capital to his companies
  • A founder of CarPrice and CarMoney with 50+ offices across Russia, Japan, India, and Brazil. Just in 2 years, CarPrice was ranked among the largest Russian IT companies with over $200M revenue. Eduard knows how to scale!

Alexander Pasechnik  Co-Founder

  • Bootstrapped various IT products from zero to $1M revenue
  • Built online educational products, marketplaces and eSports platforms. Created partnerships with major IT companies, such as Gett, Yandex and MRG.

+30 employers: developers, game designers, product managers, QA, law and financials.

Investors, Backers & Advisors: Pluto VC, Basics Capital, Newtribe Capital, X21, Dutch Crypto Investors Capital,..

The Arenum Token ($ARN)

The Arenum token will have the name $ARN, and the total initial supply is 100M ARN — no more shall ever be minted.

$ARN will enable:

  • Instant and transparent payouts and total censorship resistance.
  • Elaborate tokenomics shaping incentives within the ecosystem for all groups of economic agents, enabling instant monetization for game devs, gamers, and influencers.
  • Instant attention captured by sponsors.

To learn more:

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