3 highlights in The Wasted Lands project you can't miss

3 highlights in The Wasted Lands project you can't miss

One of the hottest IDO projects on Infinite Launch is The Wasted Lands. What makes The Wasted Lands unique? Without taking any longer, let’s dive in.

Recently, The Wasted Lands has sold out 9000 packages of NFTs on December 13th and become a successful IDO project launched on Infinite Launch platform. Up to now, The Wasted Lands Twitter has more than 100,000 followers. The project is audited by BEOSIN and connected with powerful backers such as Okex Ventures, Magnus Capital,... The Wasted Lands will be IDO at Gamefi and is about to be listed on CEX.

1. It has a new game story ever

The Wasted Lands game is the perfect combination of traditional games and NFT. This means it was born for everyone no matter who you are, a professional player or a newbie.

The Wasted Lands game is a true Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game where players immerse themselves in a world of adventure across the post-apocalyptic world, the struggle and survival of three factions after the pandemic in 2062. The context of the game evokes many associations with the current situation - human life in the post-Covid world. Covid 19 has changed everyone's life, but it has contributed hugely to promoting the development of the Blockchain industry in general and Gamefi in particular.

2.  Players can create their unique Warriors NFT

Struggling for survival and building a base in an effort to grow their community is all The Wasted Lands want the participants to join and fight for. They will experience a vast metaverse world with many exciting functions like vehicles & shelter systems fuse & give birth to new NFTs, match-3 gameplay, pets, lands & various equipment upgrades. Then, players grow or strengthen their army using advanced in-game functions like Breeding and Fusion.

In The Wasted Lands, participants can not only join battle gameplay but also challenge themselves with other functions such as farming and creating their own metaverse world through underground bunkers. As its name suggests, each package contains an in-game warrior NFT. Players can take advantage of the warrior to earn profit by trading and waging against each other as normal. This token earning will be locked until the players decide to buy at least 01 Warrior to open the door to access the world of The Wasted Lands and start their Play-to-earn journey. Every player will be provided with Play-to-earn experience to consider before starting to invest.

3. Be supported by a trustworthy, talented team behind

Mr. Luan Nguyen, Founder of The Wasted Lands, has gained extensive experience in the field of gaming during the time working at many reputable corporations including VNG and Zitga Game and currently is known as CEO of Elite Studio Game in Ha Noi. The development team with a solid background in the industry working as Game Designer, Tech và Art for big companies such as Asphalt 9, Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter 5, Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Summoners Era, ect. is another plus to impress investors who are interested in Gamefi & NFT and looking for a potential cryptocurrency.

Infinite Launch is the collaborative LaunchPad, the "incubator" for The Wasted Lands project (Seed, Private Sale, Public). Investors will have the opportunity to invest in Seed Round and Private Round. The Wasted Lands is currently audited by Beosin and Solid Proof.

Hopefully, this article has equipped you with an overview of The Wasted Lands. Have a good time with this NFT game.